Why Do People Choose Sod In Wichita, Ks Even Though It’s More Expensive Than Grass Seed?

byAlma Abell

When it’s time to put in a new lawn, homeowners will find several options. Seed, grass plugs, and sod are three of the top choices. Seed, depending on the species, can be very cheap. Grass plugs cost a bit more, and sod is the most expensive. What makes people choose sod in Wichita KS even though it costs more?


The biggest reasons for choosing sod in Wichita KS are reliability and appearance. Newly-lain sod can’t wash away like grass seed, and there’s no need to wait for it to spread and fill up the space like there is with plugs. These benefits are also responsible for its initial great appearance and its ability to stay looking good with relatively minimal weeding.

Grass seed can wash away entirely, or it can clump up in the low points of the prepared lawn bed. Both of these things not only cause a lack of even grass coverage, but also give weeds plenty of open soil to grow in. Plugs also leave most of the soil bare for a long time as they try to get established, which gives weeds as much or even more opportunity than grass seed does. Either way, by the time they’re strong enough to handle being walked on, there are usually plenty of weeds sharing the space. Weed preventative also can’t be used during this time, since it would stop the grass seed from sprouting or the plugs from spreading out roots. The homeowner is simply stuck watching his new weed garden grow until it’s a big job.

When a lawn is planted with sod in Wichita KS, the grass is thick right from the start. This prevents weeds from getting a toehold, let alone establishing themselves in the lawn. It also makes the yard look great very quickly. While it does take a few days to see new growth and vigor from sod in Wichita KS, it will be growing at full steam in just over a week and strong enough to play on in just a few weeks. The key to getting great results is simply excellent irrigation. Sod needs to be watered often until it has sent down enough new roots. Then, it can be watered like any other lawn to keep it in great condition. With these benefits, it’s clear that sod provides the best lawn in Kansas.