Bodybuilding Products

Bodybuilding Products

Muscle Supplement: A Comprehensive Guide

An In-depth Look at Muscle Supplements

The quest for improved physical performance, rapid body transformation, and enhanced recovery led to the growth and popularity of muscle supplements. Sold either individually or as stacks, they promise intriguing benefits to both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Among these muscle supplements, a category making a notable stir is Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMs.

SARMs aim to elevate the body’s ability to produce lean muscle while shedding fat. They are designed to mimic the effects of testosterone, promoting muscle growth without the typical side effects associated with anabolic steroids. SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors, which makes them a safer alternative.

One notable compound within the SARMs category is MK 677, also known as Ibutamoren. It is not a traditional SARM, but it is often grouped with them due to its similar effects. Unlike typical SARMs, MK 677 primarily works by promoting the release of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), two hormones crucial for promoting lean muscle mass, boosting strength, and enhancing recovery.

If you’re looking to experience these benefits, you can buy sarms mk 677 online. Numerous trusted online stores offer this supplement, making it incredibly accessible to those looking to enhance their fitness journey. Remember, sourcing from a reliable retailer is crucial to ensure the quality and safety of your supplement.

But like all things, MK 677 must be used responsibly. Its suggested dosage ranges from 10mg to 25mg daily, and it is advisable to start at a lower dosage to assess tolerance. Note that MK 677 does not require Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) because it doesn’t affect testosterone levels. However, before starting any supplement regimen, it’s always important to consult with a healthcare professional.

Users have reported a variety of benefits from using MK 677. These include improved lean muscle growth, faster recovery, increased strength, and improved quality of sleep. However, as is the case with any supplement, the results may vary from individual to individual based on factors like age, genetics, diet, and workout regimen.

While SARMs and specifically MK 677 offer compelling advantages, remember that supplements alone cannot achieve fitness goals. Balanced nutrition, regular workouts, proper hydration, and ample rest equally contribute to body transformation and improved performance.

In conclusion, muscle supplements like MK 677 can significantly amplify your fitness efforts when used responsibly. Whether it’s increased lean muscle, enhanced recovery, or stronger performance you’re after, MK 677 could be a worthy addition to your fitness regimen.

Colon Cancer The Maori Factor

Colon Cancer – The Maori Factor


David McCarthy

Recent research by a New Zealand University team into colon cancer has uncovered a very interesting phenomenon that sheds light on why colon cancer is almost non-existent in the Maori race. Naturally this fact created a spin-off from the original study because if the reason why the indigenous Maori people avoided this disease could be found they would gain precious information to help the constant fight to prevent colon cancer.


Initially they looked at diet and discovered that both red and purple berries and fruits formed a higher proportion of their diet than it did with non-indigenous New Zealanders. Based upon common practice they were aware of the anti-oxidant value of fruit and assumed that non-Maori people gained the same amount of anti-oxidants from other fruit and vegetables. This appeared to cancel out any benefit the Maoris gained by having a diet high in red and purple fruits and vegetables. That was until they decided to check anti-oxidant levels individually. The results of the independent checks of anti-oxidant levels across a wide range of fruits and vegetables discovered that rather than these levels being the same, as commonly thought at the start of the experiments, they vary widely. For instance fruits with red or purple skins like berries, plums, red apples and even red skinned sweet potato have around four times the anti-oxidant levels of other fruits and vegetables. At this point the entire project started to make sense and the higher levels of ant-oxidants in a traditional Maori diet pointed to the reason for such low levels of colon cancer within the race. The research continues today but based upon these findings there is strong reason to eat more strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, cherries, plums, red apples and sweet potato in our daily diets. In fact any fruit or vegetable with a red or purple skin contains around four times the anti-oxidant level of other fruits and vegetables and therefore should be utilized in our diets for health reasons. Somebody is bound to raise the question of whether frozen is as a good as fresh fruit. Here I can only give a personal opinion and state that whenever we cook, or freeze, foodstuffs we change the chemical make-up of the food and therefore it is unlikely to be the same as eating it fresh and uncooked. But, if frozen is all that is available then I guess its better than nothing. People interested in this article may also be interested in visiting: This article is copyright David McCarthy 2005. It may be reproduced in its entirety with no additions.

David McCarthy is webmaster of a site dedicated to freely sharing knowledge of food, healthy eating and recipes. This article is one of many that deal with the affects of what we eat on our health.

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Colon Cancer – The Maori Factor

Can Hgh Supplements Make You Younger?

By Chris Chew

Medical science has discovered several reasons why people grow older and then die and two of the main reasons are:-

a) The oxidative breakdown at the cellular level, which damages your DNA.

b) The declining hormonal secretion as we age including our human growth hormone.

The good news is that the oxidative breakdown can be slowed down by consuming antioxidant supplements and foods like vitamin C and Vitamin E and from foods rich in them. A visit to your local drugstore or health supplement store will reveal many other anti-oxidative supplements which combat free radicals that makes you grow older.

Likewise, hormonal therapies, especially human growth hormone(Hgh) and testosterone replacement therapies offered by medical practitioners can also slow down the aging process and in certain cases even reverse the aging process.


The benefits of higher levels of the human growth hormones in your body include the control of high blood pressure, better immune system, greater energy for sports, sexual vitality, healthier cardio system, building more muscles, improving your memory, have smoother skin and thicker hair and many more beneficial health benefits. It is like as if you are much younger again.

The problem is that not everyone qualifies to be treated with artificial or synthetic growth hormone therapy and even if so, there are substantial side effects if treatments are not well controlled. That is why the law provides that all growth hormone therapies must be supervised by qualified doctors.

So the issue is now on how to raise your natural hgh production. One way to do this is to start a weight resistance exercise program. This is because when you work out with weights, growth hormones are needed to repair and grow your muscles and thus your body produces more of them. You can also throw in cardiovascular exercises into the mix because cardio workouts elevate your heart rate and this in turn also elevates your growth hormone level.

Having enough sleep is another way to raise your hgh production. When you sleep, your body is rejuvenating and repairing itself. Your physical body need an increased level of human growth hormone to do this effectively and thus produces more hgh when you snooze.

There are also non prescriptive supplements which are supposed to stimulate your body to produce more of its own natural growth hormones. They can be obtained from your regular drugstore, pharmacy or health supplements stores.

These supplements do not need prescriptions because they are not synthetic or artificial hormone replacement drugs, but are usually pills made from traditional herbs and natural ingredients which are safe to use.

The followings are just two of the many herbal and natural ingredients that are believed to boost our body’s hgh production.

Ginseng – Perhaps the most commonly used herb for overall health and vitality. Traditional herbalists and physicians use it to release human growth hormone to boost energy in older people.

Agnus Castus – Sometimes called Chaste Tree Berry is also used for growth hormone deficiency. It is now clinically proven that Agnus Castus improves the function of the pituitary gland which in turn improves growth hormone production.

So if you want to feel and grow younger, then isn’t it about time to start raising your natural human growth hormone level?

About the Author: Chris Chew is a sought after fitness consultant who counts models, actors and other celebrities as his clients. Read his free articles at Human growth hormone supplement and Testosterone increase libido now.


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Acne Heal Xango For Acne Still Works}

Acne Heal – Xango For Acne Still Works



xango for acne

Searching for XanGo juice info? XanGo is probably the best-selling and well-known brand of mangosteen juice. The company, characterized by their product’s uniquely curved bottle, uses a proprietary formula to create a flavor they call “sensational”.

The word about XanGo juice info is spreading. People are learning about XanGo juice info and taking advantage of the myriad qualities it has to offer. Thousands are raving not only about the taste, but also the health benefits of this awesome dietary supplement. Consuming food high in antioxidants will ensure that the body has the necessary tools to neutralize free radicals. There are various compounds in foods that can act as antioxidants, but the most well-known are Vitamins C and E, selenium, and beta carotene.There is a particular Xango meant for the treatment of acne that people have. It attacks the inflammation in people that causes these acnes. It is usually in liquid form too in a bottle. People all ove the over believe if liquid treatment of acne still works. But they still work. I have personally used it to cure my acne probelm and I know some freinds that it has helped too. What it does is that it treat our skin disorder like eczema and psoriasis. A lot of people from Asian usually have these diseases I mentioned.We have to understand the main cause of acne before we can truly appreciate what Xango designed for acne can do. I know there are many other natural ways without the use of medicine to cure acne exist but one of the long lasting and effective way to completely fight acne is using a Xango for it.The Xango for acne is a fruit from the mangosteen tree has been used to treat acne, as well as other disorders in the dermatitis family.The antioxidant properties contained in the fruit of the mangosteen tree is known as xanthone, and the name Xango was formed from these two combined components. According to doctors, two to three ounces of Xango a day can help to treat the inflammation which causes acne.So seriously, if you have acne skin problem and you tried other methods of treatment that did not produce your desired result, you can try acne xango. Besides, you find out the the history of mangosteen and how it was traditionally used centuries ago. The best it can do for you is to remove the cause of your acne which is inflammation using Xango for acne will cleanse your system from the free radicals within.

Mr.foxx Van is an expert in acne treatment and consultant. He read wide and always encourage a lot of people with the right skin products for different uses. He recommends

Xango For Acne Works

to anyone trying to solve their acne skin problem

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Acne Heal – Xango For Acne Still Works}

Play It Cool

Submitted by: Sandra Prior

Winter puts a freeze on exercising and enthusiasm levels. Knock the urge to hibernate out cold with these four indoor activities and sports workout plan.

Winter is the time for hibernation – for stocking up on food and sleeping away the dark, cold hours. Unfortunately, it’s also the quickest way to get a large gut. Our solutions? Four indoor sports that will keep you motivated to burn kilojoules and a sports-specific workout that’ll improve your sports skills and transform your body into the athletic build you’ve always wanted.

Three rules to keep you at your fighting weight during winter:

1. Make it Easy to Exercise

An exercise program is only as good as your participation. Choose a sport below that you can do at least once a week with mates. Not only will you enjoy the time with friends, they’ll also help to ensure you attend more often.

2. Give yourself Goals


Whether you want to win the league or drop a pants size, goals will help motivate you during the cold season. The secret? Make them realistic. Also, don’t increase your exercise too quickly, as you’ll head straight for injury. Whether it’s kilometres, speed or weights lifted, increase them by only 10 percent a week.

3. Be Smart with your Eating Plan

Don’t hamstring all your exercise benefits by eating the wrong foods. The best way to control what you eat? Pack your own lunch. Make sure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables, and steer clear of sugary, sweet drinks.

Indoor Soccer


Improves cardiovascular fitness, acceleration, hand-eye coordination, balance and lower leg strength. It’s called the beautiful game, and the intricate mix of stamina, speed and teamwork translates into sublime gameplay on the field. Besides the skills, soccer is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. There is no time to rest during a game and you’ll be performing repeated sprints, with and without the ball. Your ability to recover from intense exercise will improve 100 fold. But the beautiful game is not only about fitness. You’ll become immersed in the tactics and excitement of it all. The indoor version is a lot quicker than the original, and the action is more intense with more goals and skill required on the ball. In a small area not longer than 40m, you’ll be developing your creativity, agility, dribbling skills, anticipation ability, your ability to cope under pressure and decision making.



Improves stamina, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, agility, explosive speed and strength and balance. Continuous movement works the cardio respiratory system and melts kilojoules, while quick anaerobic bursts of jumping, directional changes and fast-breaks build strength and endurance. Besides the speed and strength aspects, you can also use basketball to become more agile. Your flexibility can improve through your hands-up defense and lunges for loose balls. During an intense game of basketball you’re going to be burning between 2 500 and 3 000kJ per hour.

Action Cricket


Improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, acceleration and balance. Cricket requires explosive running, quick reactions, timing and power, together with complete focus and concentration, as well as excellent hand-eye coordination – and that’s for a five-day test. Package all of that indoors into a space no larger than a couple of cricket nets for over an hour and you’ve got five-day cricket at warp-speed. The skills required are varied, from the speed and flexibility of bowling to the strength and agility of batting. Fielding demands incredible hand-eye coordination and reflexes. If you need to be awakened from your winter slumber, look no further than your local action cricket venue.



Improves hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular ability, explosive speed and strength, reflexes and balance. Rated as the healthiest sport in a survey conducted by the influential business magazine Forbes, it’s the preferred game for weary executives and businessmen. Thirty minutes on the squash court provides an impressive cardio respiratory workout where you burn around 2 000kJ. The cardio burn is not all that you get from squash. Extended rallies and almost constant running builds muscular strength and endurance in your lower body, while lunges, twists and turns increase your agility, coordination as well as flexibility in your back and abdomen. In addition to all the physical benefits, squash has many others including: improved psychological wellbeing, greater self-confidence, self-esteem and improved concentration.

About the Author: Sandra Prior runs her own bodybuilding website at


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Spokane Vein Tips: Laser Treatment To Remove Spider Veins

Submitted by: Beth Munoz

If the removal of spider veins is your goal, then you are in luck. With modern medical technology using lasers as a means to solve a great many medical challenges, patients that have suffered from unsightly and potentially uncomfortable spider veins have found that lasers are a great treatment option.

Laser treatment to remove spider veins is largely becoming a popular treatment option which results in the disintegration of spider veins and thus their color, caused by trapped blood, disappears. Spider veins can occur in various places, and fortunately, laser treatments to remove spider vein can likewise be performed in various areas, including sensitive areas such as the face. This is a great advantage to those who have venous dysfunction that may be more advanced, such as can happen in the legs, since prior to lasers and other methods, surgery was the only option. This has led to a great many vein doctors choosing to offer laser treatments because surgery is often less effective in some ways and obviously more time consuming both during treatment and during healing. Patients will find that laser treatments have virtually no healing time necessary other than a bit of redness and swelling that can occur. Over greater areas, treatments can cause bruising as a side effect due to the release of trapped blood. This heals in time as well and is far easier to tolerate than healing from surgery.


Because spider veins usually occur as we age, and with weight gain, there are some that acquire them regardless of preventative measures. Many will also find that they are predisposed due to genetics. If family members have acquired them, chances are higher that you will as well. There are measures that can be taken however to prevent their occurrence or reoccurrence. One such measure is eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight level. This is a great way to minimize excess pressure placed on the veins of legs and other areas of the body. The heavier one is, the harder the entire vascular system must work to move blood throughout the body. Furthermore, exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet is key. By maintaining a healthy fitness routine, patients can strengthen their hearts and cardiovascular systems in general. Exercise is extremely important to maintain healthy veins and helps to keep the body strong.

There are other measures as well, aside from laser treatment to remove spider veins, that can help to prevent spider veins. Sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time is not recommended, and if this is necessary, get up every so often to stretch, walk around, and move the body s circulation around. This can help to support the health of the body in general also, by moving blood around that has been pooling in the legs. Anytime sitting or standing is required, it is always good to stretch and move. It is also best not the cross legs when sitting which can cause veins to have to pump extra hard to get blood moving and which can cause blood to pool. As far as spider veins appearing on the skin in the face or the upper extremities of the body, this is usually caused by sun damage that occurs over time. This is a part of life for most people since the face and upper body are generally more exposed to the aging elements. However, there are measures that can be taken, such as sunscreens, hats, clothing, and generally being sun smart and not attempting to hang out in the sun when it is at its most powerful (between 10 am and 4 am). A bit of sun is good for everybody, but excessive exposure is certainly damaging due to the sun s powerful rays.

About the Author: More information on using

laser treatment to remove spider veins


spider veins

and a

Spokane vein doctor

in your area is just a click away.


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Choosing The Best Investment Options For Your Ira

More Detail Here:

byAlma Abell

When choosing investments for your portfolio, there are many considerations to take before opening an IRA and filling it with investments. You must consider your age and how close you are to retirement, the type of IRA you’re opening, and which investments you feel comfortable with. Some people mistakenly believe that an IRA is a separate investment, similar to a stock or bond. However, the IRA is more like a holding place for your investments and allows them to grow tax free while your retirement nest egg builds.

With the right investment portfolio, your IRA can grow to a substantial amount and leave you with a secure financial future. If you need help opening an IRA in the Colusa area, it’s best to visit with a financial advisor to discuss your needs and learn about the different types of investments best for you at your stage in life.

Purchasing StocksThe younger you are the more favorable it is to purchase stocks. There is never a non-risky time to purchase stocks, and the stories of people becoming millionaires overnight are far and few between. However, stocks can provide financial security if you invest in the right ones and do so at an age that if there is a hiccup in the stock market and things drop, you have the time to wait for it to rebound without worrying about your retirement funds. Stocks can help you quickly build up an IRA, and Colusa financial advisors should be able to recommend stable stocks for your portfolio.

Mutual FundsA mutual fund is one where investors share a particular fund. Many people use managed funds to allow educated financial investors to make decisions on which fund is best for an investor’s portfolio. This works well for many people because rather than invest thousands in stocks and bonds, you can invest a lower amount and own parts of different shares.

A newer type of fund is an exchange traded fund, where funds are traded on the market just like stocks and bonds. Again, these are often managed funds that investors use to build a diversified portfolio for retirement. When taking out an IRA, Colusa financial advisors will be able to determine if you’re better off with traditional mutual funds or if you should try exchange traded funds. There are other options, such as direct cash deposits into your IRA, so make sure your financial agent explains all forms of investments.

To learn more about an IRA in Colusa, visit