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Cosmetic Surgery

Helping Teenagers To Accept Using Hearing Aids In Bethlehem, Pa


A new hearing aid may seem uncomfortable or embarrassing to an aging adult. The problem is often even more frightening to an image-conscious teenager. There really is no reason for anyone to ever feel embarrassed about needing a hearing device. Millions of Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss, and they are people of all ages. Here are the information teenagers need to know about the hearing aid they will soon be using.

  • Decorative hearing devices are stylish and fun. They come in a rainbow of colors, and many manufacturers now sell decorative skins and attachments to boost the appearance even more.
  • It is also possible to choose hearing aids that match skin tone or hair color to help them become practically invisible while they are in place.
  • Using electronics is possible. Modern Hearing Aids in Bethlehem PA use wireless technology to connect with numerous types of MP3 players, Tvs, and mobile phones.
  • Durable hearing aids make it possible for active kids to continue playing sports without worrying about damaging their device. Many are resistant to shock, sweat and dust and debris.

Hearing Aids in Bethlehem PA are discreet, comfortable and easy to use. The benefit of not missing any of the conversation and being able to go to the movies or attend a concert outweigh any worry. Most teenagers will forget their concerns once they realize how great it is to not have to ask people to repeat themselves and to able to hear everything the teacher says in class without being forced to sit in the front row.

No one can begin the process of adjusting to a hearing aid until they undergo a complete screening. Every device is different and must be sized and programmed specifically for the person that needs it. Start the process by contacting A hearing assessment is a practical idea for all children. The majority of people struggling to hear are not even aware of their problem. Discovering a hearing loss early ensures that kids get the most out of their education and are not missing out on life. Early treatment may also improve hearing and make the need for a hearing aid only temporary.

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Key Figures In Electrolysis History}

Key Figures in Electrolysis History


Emily Limoges

Have you ever wondered more about electrolysis history? In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the prominent people throughout history that have played a role in what we today recognize as ‘electrolysis.’

For centuries, people have sought smooth, hairless skin. From the caveman era to ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, everyday women in these societies used anything they could find to rid themselves of excess hair. Some of their tools included sea-shells, pumice stones, blades, flint razors and they even used walnut oil to prevent hair growth. These practices were often dangerous, ineffective, and uncertain.

By the time of the 1800’s, doctors began researching more about hair growth and ways to prevent it. They had discovered that hair began growing from a bulb near the root of the hair follicle. They figured that they could prevent future hair growth by damaging this base known as the ‘germinal papilla’.

Dr. Charles Michel

Finally in 1875, a permanent and safe form of hair removal was invented. It was Dr. Charles Michel, located in St. Louis, who created electrolysis, initially in order to treat ingrown hairs. He wrote a report on his work and the electrochemical decomposition of hair follicles that same year.

Dermatologist William Hardaway read Dr. Michel’s article and adopted the practice of electrolysis into his own work, with success. He then presented his findings to his colleagues at a meeting for the American Dermatological Association. By sharing information about this new technique, the concept of electrolysis gained widespread attention among medical communities. More and more doctors began treating patients with excess hair this way. Dr. Hardaway helped bring recognition to the invention of electrolysis on a national scale.

DJ Mahler

The next key figure is Dan Mahler, who grew his own expertise in electrolysis throughout the late 1800s. So much so, that he devised his own company for electrolysis machines. Known as ‘Instantron,’ his company is still making and selling electrolysis equipment today.

In 1916, the method of galvanic electrolysis was established by resident of New York, Paul N. Kree. His work helped evolve electrolysis from a strictly medical procedure into something for the mainstream public. His training and marketing efforts were a great success for several decades. Soon after, the technique of thermolysis was devised by Dr. Henri Bordier of France in 1925.

Arthur Hinkel and Henri St. Pierre requested a patent for blend electrolysis machinery in 1945. This was a major breakthrough in a new and powerful mode of electrolysis. Gordon Blackwell published the ‘Electrolysis Digest’ in 1956. His analysis and summaries were critical for electrologists all around the world for many years.

Thanks for taking some time to read more about the key figures in electrolysis history. From the earliest days of humanity up until the present time, the process of hair removal has come a long way. We are so appreciative of all the work that went into making what electrolysis is today. We want you, too, to recognize the benefits of electrolysis, first hand! To book a consultation or appointment, please book online today at LimogesBeauty. We look forward to hearing from you.

Emily Limoges is a graduate from Berkowits School of Electrolysis. She is an Electrologist by profession, in New York City and loves to share her knowledge on

electrolysis hair removal

. You may follow her for latest updates from beauty and health industry.

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By Jamie Steven

The loss of hairs from parts of the head or whole head is called baldness. Both men and women are affected with baldness at any stage of their lives.

One may develop baldness in teenage or their adolescence.

Baldness can be classified into many types depending upon the loss of hairs and sex. Thus, following are the most common types of baldness:

— Male pattern baldness

— Female baldness

— Frontal Balding

— Alopecia areata

— Toxic Alopecia

— Scaring Alopecia

Male Pattern Baldness:

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary disorder which may descend family to family. The disorder is indicated by the loss of hair from frontal part of the head, sides or crown of the head. Some people may loss all hairs on their head.


Female Pattern Baldness:

It is less common but may affect any female at any age especially during pregnancy due to imbalance in hormones. Female pattern baldness is indicated by lessening the amount of hairs from the front side of the head and other sides. It is rarely for a female to lose all hairs just like males.

Frontal Balding:

It is a very common disorder and male pattern baldness starts from frontal balding if it is ignored and not properly treated. It is indicated as loss of hairs from the front side of head in alphabet ‘M’ like shape.

Alopecia areata:

It is a rare disorder and indicated by the sudden hair loss from any part of the body. They grow later after several months. Its causes are unknown but it may be associated to hormonal imbalance.

Toxic alopecia:

Toxic alopecia is indicated by temporary hair loss. It may develop due to a high fever, pregnancy and high levels of vitamin and retinoid.

Scaring alopecia:

Scaring hair loss is a disorder that no hair grows on scared area. In its severe forms, hairs never grow on the scar area throughout the life. Scaring may be due burning, fungal and bacterial infections.

What are the causes of baldness?

There are various causes of hair loss depending upon the types of hair loss and baldness.

— Aging

— Fluctuation in hormone level

— Hereditary factor

— Sever illness

One of the fundamental causes of baldness in teenage is hormonal disorder. Teenage is a stage of life when your body develops rapid changes both in morphology of the face and internal bodily function. These rapid changes in body are caused by over activity of certain hormones.

Treatments of various types of baldness:

There are various treatment options depending upon the type of baldness.

— Taking medications such as minoxidil and finasteraide

— Corticosteroid injections

— Hair transplant

— Laser treatment

Your dermatologist will determine which treatment options best suits your baldness. If you have chronic baldness, your dermatologist may prefer hair transplantation.


Complete or partial hair loss is called baldness and it is of various types, such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia areata, toxic baldness and various other types. Fundamental causes of baldness include hormonal and hereditary disorders.


The article provides information for your knowledge only and not for diagnosis and seeking treatment options and using medications. The author will not be liable for any loss incurred by reading and practicing any advice in this article or in any way undefined here.

About the Author: Paul has been writing articles on skin care and baldness since 2002 for many online and offline publications. You can also read more articles on

. Here you can read articles on baldness and we hope they will help you eliminate baldness.


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Health Issues That Require Emergency Animal Treatment In Alexandria, Va

byAlma Abell

When animals become injured or ill, it’s important to get veterinary treatment as soon as possible. Waiting will cause these conditions to get worse, and this can have a negative impact on the health of the animal. Read the information below to learn about common health issues that require immediate animal treatment in Alexandria VA.

Breathing Difficulties

Animals can have breathing difficulties due to various health issues including lung problems, heart failure, asthma, and viral infections. Symptoms of breathing problems include flared nostrils, breathing through an open mouth, and a faster breathing rate. Breathing problems can be fatal for animals if they don’t get veterinary care as soon as possible. A veterinarian will perform various tests to determine the cause of the breathing issues. These tests often include blood tests, x-rays, or an ultrasound of the chest cavity. If necessary, the veterinarian will place an oxygen mask on the animal while performing the various tests.

Bleeding Injuries

When an animal has an injury that causes blood loss, pet owners will need to get the animal to a veterinarian immediately to control the bleeding. Serious bleeding emergencies include wounds to the chest, abdomen, or head. If the bleeding doesn’t cease after applying pressure to the wound, or if the animal is bleeding profusely from any area of the body, a veterinarian will need to examine the animal.

Epileptic Seizures

Animals have seizures due to an abnormal reaction in the brain that can be caused by issues within the brain or from certain diseases. Common health issues that can cause seizures include low blood sugar, liver disease, and heat exhaustion. Consuming a poisonous substance can also cause animals to have seizures. Issues with the brain that can cause a seizure include tumors in the brain, infectious diseases, and head trauma. After the animal recovers from a seizure, pet owners should take the animal to a veterinarian for animal treatment in Alexandria VA as soon as possible.

Hayfield Animal Hospital provides various types of medical treatment for animals when they experience breathing difficulties, bleeding, seizures, and other emergency health issues. Contact us for more information about pet emergencies and treatment options.

Why You Need Roaches Treatment In Kapolei

byAlma Abell

Nobody wants to live with roaches. However, when a roach is spotted in the home, the individual may assume it was one carried in hidden inside a grocery bag or brought in with a package that was mailed to the home. Don’t make any assumptions, as roaches have been proven to be damaging to a person’s health. As a result, Roaches Treatment Kapolei should be sought immediately. What are some health problems that may arise as a result of roaches in the home?

The Spread of Bacteria

As roaches eat human food, they leave behind unwanted surprises for the humans that later consume the food. For example, roaches are known to carry the bacterium known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa in their gut in large quantities. Every time they eat human food, they regurgitate digestive food and saliva on the surface of the food. When a human then eats the food, he or she may contract a disease, such as digestive issues, a urinary tract infection or sepsis. Removing roaches from the home helps to reduce the risk of these medical conditions.

Allergies and Asthma

Cockroach saliva as well as the roach’s body parts are home to hundreds of allergens. When a human comes into contact with one or more of these allergens, he or she may have an allergic reaction and begin sneezing. His or her eyes may water and a rash may appear on the skin. Even more concerning is the fact that the allergens often bring about asthma in children when there is an infestation in the home. This can be dangerous, as asthma has been known to cause death.

If you have seen a roach in the home, know that they are likely many more, possibly in the hundreds or thousands, that are present but haven’t been seen. These creatures can survive almost anything. In fact, it is believed they would make it through a nuclear explosion unscathed. Home remedies typically don’t work when it comes to eliminating these pests also. As a result, every homeowner who has seen a roach or suspects the home has these unwanted guests should call for Roaches Treatment Kapolei right away. It’s simply not worth it to live with the problem and hope for the best. The health of the home’s occupants may depend on quick action so don’t delay. Make this call to Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

Why You Want High Profile Breast Implants

byAlma Abell

When you go into a surgeon’s office, always reach out for the best. You want high profile breast implants that are made of the highest quality materials and handled by the best surgical hands. Cosmetic surgery is big business for the medical provider, but it is a big risk for you as the patient. There are small and large problems that affect all invasive surgery patients. So, you should know about the specific ones that affect recipients of breast implants.


Infection could occur if you or the doctor is careless. Your implant could get infected with some pathogen while you lie on the operating table. You could get infected by not closing or sterilizing a cut near your implants. If you find a cut on the body, stay focused on using the first aid kit while thinking about possible infections.

The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help you deal with an infection. In the worst case, you will have to remove the implant and replace it. To avoid getting contaminated and infected during surgery, you should work with a qualified doctor.


Ruptured implants are mainly caused when some strong force hits the chest during a fall or some traumatic event. As the implant ages and the breast changes, the risks increase. Capsular contracture and the use of silicone are major causes of rupturing.If your implant ruptures, you most likely have to pay for replacement surgery. There are some implant manufacturers that provide warranties to patients through the doctor’s office.

Capsular Contracture

When the doctor creates an opening in your body, he usually remembers to close it. You should expect some scar tissue to form around the location of the implant. You may have large amounts of scarring that you may want to remove later.

Many patients run into problems with scarring, because their implants are rejected by the body. The implants are seen as threats, so the body forms severe scars around one or both of them.

As the implant gets older, the risks of capsular contracture increase. The implant could rupture or grow hard over time. As a result, your doctor could recommend nothing else than a removal. Before you get implant surgery, make sure your body is strong enough to handle the pressures of it.

There are somebreast implants that last for several decades without problems. However, there are many implants that develop one or more problems along the way. You have ways to avoid some of these conditions, such as implant ruptures or leaks, and invest only in high profile breast implants. First and foremost, find a good professional, because the wrong doctor could easily lead to a botched surgery. Do what you can to receive the best implants that last as long as you do.