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The loss of hairs from parts of the head or whole head is called baldness. Both men and women are affected with baldness at any stage of their lives.

One may develop baldness in teenage or their adolescence.

Baldness can be classified into many types depending upon the loss of hairs and sex. Thus, following are the most common types of baldness:

— Male pattern baldness

— Female baldness

— Frontal Balding

— Alopecia areata

— Toxic Alopecia

— Scaring Alopecia

Male Pattern Baldness:

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary disorder which may descend family to family. The disorder is indicated by the loss of hair from frontal part of the head, sides or crown of the head. Some people may loss all hairs on their head.


Female Pattern Baldness:

It is less common but may affect any female at any age especially during pregnancy due to imbalance in hormones. Female pattern baldness is indicated by lessening the amount of hairs from the front side of the head and other sides. It is rarely for a female to lose all hairs just like males.

Frontal Balding:

It is a very common disorder and male pattern baldness starts from frontal balding if it is ignored and not properly treated. It is indicated as loss of hairs from the front side of head in alphabet ‘M’ like shape.

Alopecia areata:

It is a rare disorder and indicated by the sudden hair loss from any part of the body. They grow later after several months. Its causes are unknown but it may be associated to hormonal imbalance.

Toxic alopecia:

Toxic alopecia is indicated by temporary hair loss. It may develop due to a high fever, pregnancy and high levels of vitamin and retinoid.

Scaring alopecia:

Scaring hair loss is a disorder that no hair grows on scared area. In its severe forms, hairs never grow on the scar area throughout the life. Scaring may be due burning, fungal and bacterial infections.

What are the causes of baldness?

There are various causes of hair loss depending upon the types of hair loss and baldness.

— Aging

— Fluctuation in hormone level

— Hereditary factor

— Sever illness

One of the fundamental causes of baldness in teenage is hormonal disorder. Teenage is a stage of life when your body develops rapid changes both in morphology of the face and internal bodily function. These rapid changes in body are caused by over activity of certain hormones.

Treatments of various types of baldness:

There are various treatment options depending upon the type of baldness.

— Taking medications such as minoxidil and finasteraide

— Corticosteroid injections

— Hair transplant

— Laser treatment

Your dermatologist will determine which treatment options best suits your baldness. If you have chronic baldness, your dermatologist may prefer hair transplantation.


Complete or partial hair loss is called baldness and it is of various types, such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia areata, toxic baldness and various other types. Fundamental causes of baldness include hormonal and hereditary disorders.


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