Drone delivers transfusion blood intact

Thursday, December 8, 2016

In findings announced yesterday, scientists from Johns Hopkins University took ordinary commercial drones, swapped out their cameras for coolers and packed them with human plasma, platelets and blood cells. The drones were found to deliver their cargo in usable condition after flights lasting almost half an hour, at distances of up to 12 miles.

“For rural areas that lack access to nearby clinics, or that may lack the infrastructure for collecting blood products or transporting them on their own, drones can provide that access,” says pathologist and lead author of the paper Dr. Timothy Amukele.

Although earlier studies have confirmed that drone flights do not affect the useful properties or microbe populations of human blood products, those experiments were performed on small, vial-sized samples. Here, the drones carried much larger quantities of blood, in the proportions and packaging that doctors and medical technicians would actually use on patients, with units purchased directly from the American Red Cross. Unlike Rwanda’s medical delivery drones, which were custom-made for blood product delivery by Zipline, these experiments were completed with regular, commercially available S900-model machines with minimal modification.

Post-flight, the samples were tested for cell rupture, changes in pH, air bubbles and other damage that might indicate that the packages had thawed out or otherwise become unsuitable for use in transfusions. The samples were found to have arrived intact.

Although the test was performed in an unpopulated area, it is speculated that drones might be useful not only for delivery of blood products to rural medical facilities but also for distributing blood resources through urban areas. John’s Hopkins pathologist and research team leader Dr. Timothy Armukele speculates that emergency medical teams may one day be able to transfuse patients on the spot by calling for a drone to bring blood of the appropriate type.

The details of the experiment have been published in the latest issue of Transfusion.

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Standard Operating Procedure changes at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In an investigation reported on first by Wikinews, Wikileaks today revealed another chapter in the story of the Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) manual for the Camp Delta facility at Guantanamo Bay. The latest documents they have received are the details of the 2004 copy of the manual signed off by Major General Geoffrey D. Miller of the U.S. Southern Command. This is following on from the earlier leaking of the 2003 version. Wikileaks passed this document to people they consider experts in the field to carry out an analysis trying to validate it. Following this, they set out to assess what had changed between 2003 and 2004; including attempts to link publicly known incidents with changes to the manual.

Wikinews obtained the document and did an in-depth analysis. The American Civil Liberties Union had previously made a request to view and obtain copies of the same document, but was denied access to them.

One of the first notable changes to the document relates to the detainees themselves. Previously they read the camp rules during admission processing. Rules are now posted around the camp in detainees’ languages. The English version of the rules is as follows:

  1. Comply with all rules and regulations. You are subject to disciplinary action if you disobey any rule or commit any act, disorder, or neglect that is prejudicial to good order and discipline.
  2. You must immediately obey all orders of U.S. personnel. Deliberate disobedience, resistance, or conduct of a mutinous or riotous nature will be dealt with by force. Be respectful of others. Derogatory comments toward camp personnel will not be tolerated.
  3. You may not have any articles that can be used as a weapon in your possession at any time. If a weapon is found in your possession, you will be severely punished. Gambling is strictly forbidden.
  4. Being truthful and compliance will be rewarded. Failure to comply will result in loss of privileges.
  5. All trash will be returned immediately to U.S. personnel when you are finished eating. All eating utensils must be returned after meals.
  6. No detainee may conduct or participate in any form of military drill, organized physical fitness, hand-to-hand combat, or martial arts style training.
  7. The camp commander will ensure adequate protection for all personnel. Any detainee who mistreats another detainee will be punished. Any detainee that fears his life is in danger, or fears physical injury at the hands of another person can report this to U.S. personnel at any time.
  8. Medical emergencies should be brought to the guards’ attention immediately.

Your decision whether or not to be truthful and comply will directly affect your quality of life while in this camp.

Of concern to groups such as Amnesty International who campaign for the camp’s closure, or Human Rights Watch concerned about prisoner handling under the prisoner of war aspects of the Geneva Convention, is the fact that policy for newly admitted detainees still allows for up to 4 weeks where access to the detainee by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) may be denied. In addition, guards are not to allow ICRC staff to pass mail to detainees.

A new process has been formed which allows guards to determine whether or not a detainee receives awards, or is punished. The form is called a GTMO Form 508-1 (pictured to the right). According to the manual, the form “is used to determine which rewards the detainee will lose or gain,” but “special rewards” can also be earned, outside of the process. One special reward is time allowed outside. Another special reward is a roll of toilet paper, but the detainee cannot share it with others. Doing so will result in “punishment” and confiscation of the roll. If the detainee already has a roll of toilet paper, he is not allowed to have another.

“Guards need to ensure that the detainee doesn’t receive additional toilet paper when the detainee already has it. The amount given to the detainee will be the same amount as normally distributed to the detainee,” states the manual.

No matter how bad a detainee may act, “haircuts will never be used as punitive action” against them, but they can have hair removed for health reasons. They can, however, be segregated from other detainees.

“If a detainee has committed an offense that requires segregation time, even if a segregation cell is not available, the detainee will receive a shave and a haircut for hygiene and medical reasons. If the detainee is IRFed, the haircut and shave will follow the decontamination process,” adds the manual. Barbers are also part of cell searches.

Despite these changes, a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring the furore over detainee abuse does not recur. Rules governing the use of pepper spray (Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC) appear at an earlier point in the manual with considerable expansion. Infractions such as spitting, throwing water at, or attempting to urinate on guards appear as explicitly listed cases where pepper spray may not be used. Extensive decontamination procedures are included in the document, including immediately calling for a medical check on any detainee exposed to pepper spray. This was not previously present.

As a counter to the clearer instructions on use of pepper spray, Wikileaks asserts that many of the stricter rules for guards (referred to as Military Police or MPs in the 2003 manual) aim to reduce fraternisation that may improve detainee morale and adversely influence any interrogation process. Guards are informed in the manual not to take personal mail and parcels within the detention blocks or at any other duty stations. All electronic devices except issued materiel are prohibited, and guards may face disciplinary action should they keep detainees apprised of current affairs or discuss issues in their personal lives.

Additional restrictions on the detainees’ chaplain are included in the revised document. Wikileaks speculated that many of these changes might have stemmed from the widely publicised case of James Yee. Captain Yee, a West Point graduate, served at the Guantanamo Bay base as a Muslim chaplain to the detainees and received two Distinguished Service medals for his work. Following discovery of a list of detainees and interrogators by U.S. Customs in Florida Yee was charged with sedition, aiding the enemy, spying, espionage, and failure to obey a general order. Eventually all charges were dropped with national security concerns being raised should evidence be released.

The most notable changes surrounding the role of the chaplain include its removal as a permanent position on the facility’s Library Working group and its exclusion from the decision process on appropriate detainee reading material. Wikileaks contacted lawyers representing detainees in the camp to perform their own analysis. Their opinion of the changes were that the library operation had been considerably tightened up. Duplicate books are required for the individual four camps to prevent covert use of books to communicate between camps. Periodicals, dictionaries, language instruction books, technology or medical update information, and geography were additions to the prohibited material. Instructions indicate such books must be returned to the source or donor.

The revised SOP manual makes considerable progress on documenting procedures, even those that are remote possibilities. A lengthy addition details rules to follow in the event of an escape or escape attempt. Laced throughout this procedure is an emphasis on having any such incident fully documented and – wherever possible – filmed. The procedure is explicit in how to recapture an escaped detainee with minimal use of force. One additional procedure covers the admission of ambulances to the main base area. A detailed security protocol to ensure only expected and authorised traffic gains access is included, as is a procedure streamlined to ensure the ambulance arrives on the scene as quickly as possible.

Unchanged from the 2003 manual is the set menu of four ready-to-eat meals (Meal, Ready-to-Eat or MRE) issued to detainees. However, additional steps are to be taken for “MRE Sanitization”; supply personnel must remove anything that can damage waste disposal systems— presumably a military term for toilets. Under normal camp conditions, detainees should be fed hot meals as opposed to MREs, but no details on the variety of menu are included.

Wikinews attempted to get feedback on this. US Southern Command passed a query on to Rick Haupt (Commander, U.S. Navy Director of Public Affairs, Joint Task Force at Guantanamo) who responded that “questions were forwarded along with a request to authenticate the leaked document; a response is pending.” At this time no response to emails has been received from the ICRC or Human Rights Watch.

The Pentagon has requested that the document be removed from Wikileaks because “information with the FOUO (For Official Use Only) label is not approved for release to the public.” They then state that the document can be “made available through a Freedom Of Information Act request through official channels.”

 This story has updates See US military confirms authenticity of Standard Operating Procedures for Guantanamo Bay 
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Physical Therapy Equipment &Amp; Exercise Tips

By Gary Gordon

Physical therapy equipment was once thought to be exclusively for the use of injured professional athletes, but now, many people are entering into the exercise world. As more and older people begin to lead more active lives, injuries are sure to increase, as will the need for physical therapy, but physical therapy is not just for those who have sports injuries, it is also a means of recovering from any major injury or illness. Those who have had surgery, nerve damage, or even some severe burns, are all candidates to use the physical therapy equipment found in a therapist’s office. Much of this equipment can also be brought home for the patient to continue his rehabilitation away from the office.

It will be likely that the patient will need his own set of the same sort of physical therapy equipment found in the therapist’s office. Some pieces are more convenient than others for home use. Among these are resistance bands, ankle and wrist weights, and finger and hand exercisers. The patient will still need supervision when using resistance bands to ensure that he has the proper form. This will prevent further injury. Other pieces of equipment the patient is likely to encounter at the office are exercise pulley and stretching equipment, balance boards, and exercise balls. These all require a second person to oversee the exercises since serious injury could result from their misuse.

YouTube Preview Image

The patient should work to rebuild muscle tone which is often lost during the non-use of the resting period following the injury or surgery. This requires that the patient works carefully with the physical therapy equipment to do the proper exercises to avoid further injury or harm. By paying attention to the therapist, the patient will be able to replicate the exercises at home. All of the exercises will need to be done under the supervision of the therapist or another qualified spotter. This ensures that the patient has the proper form and is doing the activity to gain its full benefits.

Too often, patients feel that the exercises prescribed on the physical therapy equipment are too easy. This should serve as a red flag to the therapist that the patient might be performing the activities incorrectly. Physical therapy’s goal is to provide resistance in order to rebuild lost muscle and strength. Consequently, the patient should feel that he is working the muscles targeted. If he does not feel that the muscle is being fully used, he is likely compensating by using improper form. This does not aid in rehabilitation, and it will lengthen the required amount of time for the physical therapy.

Its is strongly recommended that warming up and stretching are done prior to any physical activity and should also become integral parts of your physical therapy routine. Stretching with exercise balls for example, will improve flexibility and strength of your muscles and joints, while warming up with a jump rope will increase your blood flow and circulation. Both of these coupled with appropriate physical therapy exercise equipment will contribute towards increasing the chances of full recovery and minimizing the possibilities of future injuries. Since certain stretching and warm up exercises may have a n adverse affect on your physical therapy recuperation process, always consult with your therapist before starting any new routines.

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G20 Summit plans to inject US$5tn into economy before 2011

Friday, April 3, 2009

The G20 Summit held in London, England concluded Thursday with an injection into the economy of US$5 trillion by the end of 2010.

Global trade would be supported by $250 billion (169.5 billion pounds). “We are going to act decisively to kickstart international trade. We will ensure availability of at least $250 billion over the next two years,” said Gordon Brown Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The International Monetary Fund IMF will have access to $750bn in resources of which $250bn will support special drawing rights.

Developing countries received $100bn which will be dispensed via Multilateral development banks. Towards this end, the IMF will sell off gold reserves.

China will support the IMF fund by $40bn, the European Union by $100bn, and Japan by $100bn.

There will be increased regulation on banking and credit ratings agencies. There was a commitment to clamp down on hedge funds, tax havens and toxic assets. To restore consumer confidence in the financial sector, a new Financial Stability Board will be initiated internationally. There would be new policies implemented to control pay and bonuses paid to the heads of banks and corporations.

The G20 leaders were adverse to protectionism and rallied to support international trade and investment.

The Leaders’ statement said, “We reaffirm the commitment made in Washington: to refrain from raising new barriers to investment or to trade in goods and services, imposing new export restrictions, or implementing World Trade Organization (WTO) inconsistent measures to stimulate exports.”

Eoin O’Malley, senior adviser on international trade at BusinessEurope, said “The measure also needs to be part of wider package to avoid protectionism and conclude the Doha round which will stimulate trade growth. The key point now is to move forward with Doha. The key now is implementation. G20 governments must act quickly to provide this finance to companies that need it urgently.”

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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The Trophy Taker Shuttle T Lock Broadheads Fly Like Field Points, Cut Larger

By Jenn Jamie

Terminal T-Loc Broad Heads

Your broad head is your sizeable composition of bow-hunting equipment. The Shuttle T Lock Broad heads fly precise, Constitute bigger holes, obtain deeper & Shuttle warrantees and no misplaced blades.

Primary to flawless broad head flight is the blade aerodynamics. Shuttle Vane Designing likewise delivers befitting flying when holding back the honorable cutting diameters. 100 & 125 grain Shuttle T Locks incur you hunt down with fast bows, and deflecting this slip to change to smaller broad head to gain accuracy simply to sacrifice the killing exponent. Intense non-vented blades are quiet & can cut through the thick bone. Hunter’s Friend staff has also found these broad heads to be entirely DEVASTATING on the wild hogs & one unfortunate Brush Wolf, being shot with same broad head.

YouTube Preview Image

Stimulating success in this field takes express, precise and quiet broad head that cuts great wound channel. Build your success merely by hunting with unsurpassed – Shuttle T Lock Broad head.

Shuttle blade Design besides delivers sphere-point accuracy, cuts very whopping entrance and exit holes. In addition, single assemble cut on wallop ferrule and non-vented blades commit bone-crushing lastingness.

The Tight Point Shuttle lock 100: Knockdown mightiness & inevitable flying and no more missing of vanes! field point accuracy, extended holes, deep penetration, and no lost of blades!

Throw Aside the Arrow Remains are close to for some time, but they possess surged in popularity & Pattern mundanity in past a couple of years. few individuals pass on as “fall away” rests. Even So, as describe advocates, Drop Away-Arrow Rest is been contrived to shed the mode during its shot, obviating the headaches about fletching license. All The Same, reality is few shooters still rumble about a fletching touch from drop away arrow rests. Therefore what is the trouble are drop away arrow to blame?

Electrical shocking broad head, wherein said the tip being caused from the tough steel; gains tri-planar lobe point tip to render a uttermost flight & incursion efficiency. The point will have collar on the rear of tip point to grant restricted jaunt all along centerline axis. The back of chisel point as well experiences defined bore depth to assist locate & position copper electrode or compression spring assembly. At time of impact, averred point can axially compress towards the rear of an arrow shaft, sanctioning activating of the electrical shock from an electronic coil by electrode at a front spot of the chisel tip.

Electrical shocking broad head, said t slotted body being affected from anodized aluminum; has front axial bore extended to encapsulate batteries & electronic coil. Rear axial bore of the body operates as alignment & supporting area to mount up stem. Body will be tapered all along the centerline axis to have (2) and (3) t slots that will serve as securing and putting triangular blades. The t-slots are scattered all along the circumference of taper. The foremost end of t slotted body will possess bulged thread axially situated to secure the threaded union to an broad head. T-slotted body will as well bear laser sculptured logo based on an tapered circumference between the t-slots.

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On the campaign trail, May 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The following is the seventh in a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2012 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after a brief mention of some of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail, the leading candidates for the Americans Elect presidential nomination respond to a major announcement from that organization’s board of directors, two presidential candidates in favor of same-sex marriage react to President Barack Obama’s announcement of support for the practice, and Wikinews interviews the newly-selected Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee.

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Canadian province receives warning from Exxon

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ExxonMobil Corp. chairman and chief executive Rex Tillerson has warned residents of Alberta, Canada that they risk endangering investment and growth of the province if they change the royalty scheme to increase revenue returned to the province from its oil sands.

Currently, oil companies pay a one per cent royalty on their revenues until their initial investment is paid off, when the royalty is then increased to 25 percent of revenues. Alberta received CA$14 billion in oil sands revenue the last fiscal year.

Described as one of the most powerful oilmen in the world, Tillerson made it clear that should the province of Alberta seek a larger portion of the profits, Alberta could suffer a decrease in economic growth. Tillerson suggests that royalties represent interventionist policies similar to those associated with the (much maligned in Alberta) National Energy Program. In contrast to the warning from Tillerson, CIBC World Markets recently released a report stating that the oil sands are one of the few petroleum resources that can be “expanded significantly” and will be an increasingly important source for future demand.

The statement comes at a time where a large and growing number of Albertans associate the province’s economic growth with high inflation, housing shortages and a strain on schools and infrastructure. A report on recommendations to the scheme was scheduled to be released September 12, but was delayed until September 16 to verify data.

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Definitely Economical By Working With Air Conditioning Pertaining To Home And Commercial Reasoning

Definitely Economical By Working With Air Conditioning Pertaining To Home And Commercial Reasoning


Air Conditioning Brisbane

Do you think you\’re paying much to utilize your air conditioning equipment but in no way achieve desired result of fantastic

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cheap air conditioning unit

or do not attain ample temperatures for cooling your home? This implies either there is a number of technical flaw within the AC or you\’re not getting so cost effective. There are particular strategies where someone can resolve this. All important is to think a bit as well as stress regarding the root factor.

It could be a wonder for you to learn the truth that it\’s not mandatory to get regarding level of comfort and also pleasure choosing merely a bigger space air conditioning over the very hot summertime. Actually, a room air con that is too big for your room which is supposed to cool down depending on the goals of the people will work much less efficiently and also less efficiently than a little one of the similar type that is a appropriate sized unit system. This is because room units are better if they\’re manufactured to run for a longer time intervals instead of regularly switching them all on and off that in the end minimizes their particular performance. An increasingly consistent room temperature is usually held if the AC’s are allowed correct as well as longer runtimes. Performing much longer in addition makes all of them take away a larger number of moisture amount in the atmosphere, which makes you feel much more comfortable simply by removing the humidity. Dimensions for every centralized air-conditioning unit is equally important, that must be measured correctly with the team of experts. An individual have to set up the fan plus the air conditioning system (compressor) to shut off together when there\’s any type of centralized air unit installed in the house. To put it differently, system\’s centralized fan must not be used for purpose of giving movement; instead the moving fans must be used this too different for the various locations. If an individual uses some time and money on preventative maintenance of an AC set up in the room of the home an individual can get the most result together with the best usage out from that apparatus and also together with saving the energy expense. With a schedule examination of your respective HVAC i.e., the AC unit is really crucial. This seems to have many advantages just like one can easily detect if there is any kind of concern existing within the system operation that can quickly become repaired before it results in a lot more damages. Securing vents as well as ductwork in the identification process could be a wonderful help as they can simply be corroded, destroyed or messy after a while. Consequently, such kind of problems stops the right conditioning of your property because they make congestion for free air flow. Without free running system used, if ever the air flow is approaching into your dwelling over the vents, it might signify that they\’re surely leaking. Together with proper inspections, experts can find the point to point issues before they actually make your machine run all over again correctly. As soon as the air con machine gets clogged, it restricts the air flow by stopping the air from coming out calling an urgent need to completely clean your own AC equipment. It might also get the electric motor stop or ruin it completely as caused by excessive clog the motor working presently, is going to do extra work than before and also be shelling out a lot of unwanted additional energy. If it truly does this work simply by pushing air out applying more pressure or perhaps maintaining it cold then it merely makes sense also it indicates that you\’ll be utilizing a lot of the power. However, there is no need for executing that. Furthermore, should your house is not achieving the necessary air conditioning result may also signify that there\’s several other problem likewise apart from the filth crammed in the unit. It might furthermore imply that you have to examine the Freon. It is equally essential to achieve the correct amounts of refrigeration. In the event that cleaning up is not good to your account well then certainly this could be the apparent possible dilemma. With this you don\’t need to have cranking it up towards more high to try to get function from it as well as spend extra cash as well as energy. A new Freon charge may replenish your air con machine for an extended amount of time that too for really minimal expenses. Cleaning and air conditioning maintenance

of AC solely will not be advantageous. You can also complete basic stuff linked to the basics of the house such as closing the curtains if the sun is out brightly in the home windows. The sun alone could bring extra increase high temperatures. There\’s no need for the specific air to come in, everything required to heat up the house is the heat of the sunshine if there are home windows directly shining in to the house at the high time.

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