Why You Want High Profile Breast Implants

byAlma Abell

When you go into a surgeon’s office, always reach out for the best. You want high profile breast implants that are made of the highest quality materials and handled by the best surgical hands. Cosmetic surgery is big business for the medical provider, but it is a big risk for you as the patient. There are small and large problems that affect all invasive surgery patients. So, you should know about the specific ones that affect recipients of breast implants.


Infection could occur if you or the doctor is careless. Your implant could get infected with some pathogen while you lie on the operating table. You could get infected by not closing or sterilizing a cut near your implants. If you find a cut on the body, stay focused on using the first aid kit while thinking about possible infections.

The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help you deal with an infection. In the worst case, you will have to remove the implant and replace it. To avoid getting contaminated and infected during surgery, you should work with a qualified doctor.


Ruptured implants are mainly caused when some strong force hits the chest during a fall or some traumatic event. As the implant ages and the breast changes, the risks increase. Capsular contracture and the use of silicone are major causes of rupturing.If your implant ruptures, you most likely have to pay for replacement surgery. There are some implant manufacturers that provide warranties to patients through the doctor’s office.

Capsular Contracture

When the doctor creates an opening in your body, he usually remembers to close it. You should expect some scar tissue to form around the location of the implant. You may have large amounts of scarring that you may want to remove later.

Many patients run into problems with scarring, because their implants are rejected by the body. The implants are seen as threats, so the body forms severe scars around one or both of them.

As the implant gets older, the risks of capsular contracture increase. The implant could rupture or grow hard over time. As a result, your doctor could recommend nothing else than a removal. Before you get implant surgery, make sure your body is strong enough to handle the pressures of it.

There are somebreast implants that last for several decades without problems. However, there are many implants that develop one or more problems along the way. You have ways to avoid some of these conditions, such as implant ruptures or leaks, and invest only in high profile breast implants. First and foremost, find a good professional, because the wrong doctor could easily lead to a botched surgery. Do what you can to receive the best implants that last as long as you do.