Does Retirement Look Different Now?

Submitted by: Jennifer Wirt

The recession, which they say is ending, continues. Unemployment figures nationally are at 10.2% and are predicted to go to 11% next spring. Unemployment figures for people that have given up are higher, at almost 18%. I don t believe that the recession will be over until employers start hiring again.

What has happened to people who are retired or close to retirement? The recession impacted retirees as well. They have lost savings and are unable to earn decent returns on what is left. People in their 50s and early 60s wonder if their savings will be allowed to grow in the next several years or will there be another financial crisis that decimates their savings again. Many people have resigned themselves to working until they drop.

Recently, I saw a Frontline program that showed middle-aged people who had lost their jobs taking steps to find another one. Most of these people had been well-paid and in management positions. They were doing whatever it takes to find something. And, since employers have learned that they can function with many less employees than they had before, these folks often had to accept much less than they were making and less responsibility than before the recesssion. They were also needing to compete with much younger people for the same positions requiring a whole different strategy. They are learning new skills, getting in shape and doing what they can to appear vital and contributing to potential employers.


Isn t this focus on getting a job to solve their financial situation just a band-aid? Aren t these people handing their potential employers the control over their future? These employers, when faced with another downturn, will do what they have to to stay profitable. They have learned to operate lean and mean . You are expendable.

I am taking another approach–Financial Independence. I am doing what I can to establish multiple streams of income so that I don t have to depend on the whim of another employer.

Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad s Conspiracy of the Rich–The 8 new Rules of Money, says for Sophisticated Investors there are four different investment catergories: 1. Businesses- for passive income; 2. Income-producing Investment Real Estate; 3. Paper Assets: Stocks, Bonds, Savings, Insurance, etc.; 4. Commodities: gold, silver, oil, platinum etc.

My husband and I are building a business that will provide passive income. We have a 401K that supplies the third asset category. In the next couple of years we plan to diversify into Income-producing Real Estate and Commodities. I believe this is the path to Financial independence.

If you are wishing to take steps toward Financial Independence rather than relying on a job for your future, take a look at the business we have chosen. We are building an asset while helping people. We have patented products–there are no competitors–our products are unique and they work! We have a distributor-funded charitable organization that feeds over 42,000 hungry children and families worldwide. You deserve to learn about this company!

Give yourself a gift! Take control of your future. Start building financial independence. Where will you be in 5 years if you do nothing? Hoping and praying that they skip you in the next round of layoffs? Or building a future that will allow you to have the retirement of your dreams? It is your choice!

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