Health Issues That Require Emergency Animal Treatment In Alexandria, Va

byAlma Abell

When animals become injured or ill, it’s important to get veterinary treatment as soon as possible. Waiting will cause these conditions to get worse, and this can have a negative impact on the health of the animal. Read the information below to learn about common health issues that require immediate animal treatment in Alexandria VA.

Breathing Difficulties

Animals can have breathing difficulties due to various health issues including lung problems, heart failure, asthma, and viral infections. Symptoms of breathing problems include flared nostrils, breathing through an open mouth, and a faster breathing rate. Breathing problems can be fatal for animals if they don’t get veterinary care as soon as possible. A veterinarian will perform various tests to determine the cause of the breathing issues. These tests often include blood tests, x-rays, or an ultrasound of the chest cavity. If necessary, the veterinarian will place an oxygen mask on the animal while performing the various tests.

Bleeding Injuries

When an animal has an injury that causes blood loss, pet owners will need to get the animal to a veterinarian immediately to control the bleeding. Serious bleeding emergencies include wounds to the chest, abdomen, or head. If the bleeding doesn’t cease after applying pressure to the wound, or if the animal is bleeding profusely from any area of the body, a veterinarian will need to examine the animal.

Epileptic Seizures

Animals have seizures due to an abnormal reaction in the brain that can be caused by issues within the brain or from certain diseases. Common health issues that can cause seizures include low blood sugar, liver disease, and heat exhaustion. Consuming a poisonous substance can also cause animals to have seizures. Issues with the brain that can cause a seizure include tumors in the brain, infectious diseases, and head trauma. After the animal recovers from a seizure, pet owners should take the animal to a veterinarian for animal treatment in Alexandria VA as soon as possible.

Hayfield Animal Hospital provides various types of medical treatment for animals when they experience breathing difficulties, bleeding, seizures, and other emergency health issues. Contact us for more information about pet emergencies and treatment options.