Why Do People Choose Sod In Wichita, Ks Even Though It’s More Expensive Than Grass Seed?

byAlma Abell

When it’s time to put in a new lawn, homeowners will find several options. Seed, grass plugs, and sod are three of the top choices. Seed, depending on the species, can be very cheap. Grass plugs cost a bit more, and sod is the most expensive. What makes people choose sod in Wichita KS even though it costs more?


The biggest reasons for choosing sod in Wichita KS are reliability and appearance. Newly-lain sod can’t wash away like grass seed, and there’s no need to wait for it to spread and fill up the space like there is with plugs. These benefits are also responsible for its initial great appearance and its ability to stay looking good with relatively minimal weeding.

Grass seed can wash away entirely, or it can clump up in the low points of the prepared lawn bed. Both of these things not only cause a lack of even grass coverage, but also give weeds plenty of open soil to grow in. Plugs also leave most of the soil bare for a long time as they try to get established, which gives weeds as much or even more opportunity than grass seed does. Either way, by the time they’re strong enough to handle being walked on, there are usually plenty of weeds sharing the space. Weed preventative also can’t be used during this time, since it would stop the grass seed from sprouting or the plugs from spreading out roots. The homeowner is simply stuck watching his new weed garden grow until it’s a big job.

When a lawn is planted with sod in Wichita KS, the grass is thick right from the start. This prevents weeds from getting a toehold, let alone establishing themselves in the lawn. It also makes the yard look great very quickly. While it does take a few days to see new growth and vigor from sod in Wichita KS, it will be growing at full steam in just over a week and strong enough to play on in just a few weeks. The key to getting great results is simply excellent irrigation. Sod needs to be watered often until it has sent down enough new roots. Then, it can be watered like any other lawn to keep it in great condition. With these benefits, it’s clear that sod provides the best lawn in Kansas.

Creating Beautiful Stained Doors


When buying top quality, hand crafted exterior doors, it is always important to consider having the stain put on the door at the company. This is particularly true if the door has sidelites, a transom or both as these are considerably more complicated to stain perfectly to the same color of the stained doors without proper experience.

However, even if you do buy stained doors from the company, there will come a time when the stain needs to be redone. This will depend on the exposure of the door to direct sun, rain and wind as well as the wear and tear on the door over time.

Removing Doors


The key to getting stained doors to have a beautiful, uniform application of stain without streaking or running is to remove the door before doing any work. This is done by removing the hinges and then placing the door on a flat surface.

Do not use an uneven surface as this can damage the door. It can also cause the door to rub in some areas and scratch and damage the wood or the glass.

Remove the Old Stain

Use the stain remover recommended by the company. Stained doors will need to be stripped of the old stain and then washed and sanded before new stain is applied. Sanding is used to create a smooth, uniform surface which will take the new stain and create a consistent color.

Always make sure the door completely dries between each step and remove any grit or debris from sanding with a soft cloth. The cleaner and smoother the door is, the better the final result with stained doors of any wood type.

Apply the New Stain

When choosing stain for your stained doors use a stain type recommended by the door manufacturer. Apply the stain according to directions, working in small areas, and completing the entire door at one time. Avoid doing only parts of the door as this will cause irregular coloration.

Allow the stain to dry completely before applying the varnish or sealant to stained doors. The sidelites and transom will be done using the same process, but they will not be taken down to prepare and stain.

If you are not comfortable with the process, most carpenters and painters can also complete your stained doors. Be sure to ask about their experience and expertise to ensure they can do the job the way you want it done.

Let us handle the stain on all the stained doors from our extensive online inventory. As the first door company to sell doors online, we have the experience to make your door look beautiful. To learn more visit Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. or go to You can also visit our Facebook page for more information.

Tips For Creating And Purchasing Company T Shirts And Sweatshirts

byAlma Abell

There is a general misconception that everyone loves a free t-shirt or sweatshirt from their employer; however, the fact is that low quality shirts will not be worn and likely be turned into rags or simply donated next spring. There are far too many companies that provide extremely poor quality shirts, which are ugly too boot. A solution – purchase high-quality, great looking shirts that will actually be worn, some tips to get that done are highlighted here.

Purchase High-Quality Options

The fact is that companies purchase shirts that are scratchy and rough because they are cheap. A general rule of thumb is that if you would not wear the shirt, chances are no one else will. Find soft shirts that are fitted and available in a number of different colors. While they may cost a bit more, it is definitely a smart investment.


Purchase Smaller Sizes

Believe it or not when you purchase T-Shirts & Sweatshirts Retail Richmond VA, there are much fewer XXL people than you may think. Additionally, smaller people will not want to shirt to simply use as a nightgown, so increase the number of smaller sizes and decrease the number of larger sizes.

Be Bold

Your business likely has a uniform or some other type of appropriate work wear. The t-shirts and sweatshirts that you are giving workers should be a little bolder than traditional work wear. Show a little attitude and let your workers know that you encourage a fun working environment.

Select Various Designs or Colors

After all, variety is the spice of life. Consider different colors or designs for various departments, or one for the men and one for the women. You can also just mix it up offering an array of colors and allowing the employers to choose. Many printing companies will offer multiple choices, so you should find something that will take your interest.

Be Sure to Save the Screens

When you have a shirt screen printed, the most expensive and tedious portion of the process is creating the screen. However, once it is done, it will not have to be repeated. If you request for the shop to save the screen, when you re-order you can save several dollars for every shirt that is ordered.

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