Understanding The Australian Property Market

Understanding The Australian Property Market


Alan Redman

Property markets around the entire globe have been badly affected by the recent global downturn in the economy and none more so than in England and Canada. Because of this, more investors are looking overseas to countries like Australia to make an investment where the property market has managed to remain relatively stable in comparison.

Investing in Australian property has never been easier for foreign investors and although permission from the Foreign Investment Board must first be sought, once this is obtained the purchase process is relatively simple.

Buying a property wherever you are in the world must be carried out carefully and it is important not to rush into buying the first property you see. Using a reputable real estate agent is imperative and by doing so you can be assured that all the relevant checks are made on the property before you buy. If finance is necessary to complete the sale then this should be applied for as early on as possible to avoid any delays in completing the purchase.


If you are buying a property in Australia to rent out then also ensure that you have a management company in place to oversee your investment in your absence. Throughout Australia you will find an abundance of these kind of companies however it is important to choose carefully to ensure your property is in safe and trustworthy hands.

Should you be investing to live on a permanent basis then make sure that not just the property is suited to your needs but also the surrounding areas. Bear in mind that Australia is a big place and although the house you choose may be ideal, the area or region it is situated in may not be. Be sure to ask your realty agent if there is public transport or schools nearby if necessary.

Investing in Australian property is by far one of the safest investments you can currently make. Even during the recent global recession, property prices remained stable throughout Australia thanks to stricter lending rules put in place by the Australian Government a few years ago. These rules have ensured that people are not borrowing more than they can afford to repay which, in turn, has led to fewer repossessions.

With a safer property market, warmer climate and buyers getting far more property for their investment it is no wonder more investors are turning to Australia is a safe investment destination.

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