Is Mira Hair Oil The Real Deal? My Personal Review

By Regina Jogola

To answer the question “Is Mira hair oil the real deal” I have to ask “what is a real deal? ” A scam is when you take peoples money and don’t give them what they pay for in that regard Mira Hair Oil it is not a scam, arjuvedic hair oils have a 5,000 year old history of working.

To answer the question “Is Mira hair oil a scam?” I have to ask “what is a scam?” Well a scam is when you take peoples money and don’t give them what they pay for in return. In that regard Mira Oil it is not a scam. Arjuvedic hair oils have a 5000 year old history of working to stop hair loss and regrow hair. They just do, they have been both tested by science and tradition to work to boost hair growth and to stop hair loss

On the market there are hundreds of arjuvedic oils. What Mira hair oil has over the rest is its unique formulation plus it is made in North America which means you are getting what you pay for. With Mira hair oil. You see most arjuvedic oils are made in India and well The GMP standards are not the same in India as they are in north America so with Mira hair oil you know you are getting stuff that actually works to boost hair growth

Another definition of a scam is paying for an item and not getting the product you paid for. In this regard it is not a scam, because Eva and John and the folks at Mira herbals ship on time and you will get what you pay for. If you do not get your order for any reason and it is possible these days due to customs and shipping delays they will always reship. A simple email to the company will get you a response and they will take care of your concerns.


Remember scams don’t stay around for long. Mira hair oil and Mira herbals Inc has been in the market and in business for over eight years now. And when you review its success stories you will understand that they must be doing something right with their product. Their product has achieved almost cult like status among its members.

Remember that nothing is hundred percent effective. What I mean by this is that there is nothing in this world that works a hundred percent of the time. And Mira hair oil may work for you and it might also not work for you. And that is why I love their sixty money back guarantee; it gives you a long time to try the product out risk free

Mira hair oil will work for most of the populace and if you use it at least three times a week you will be pleased with the results. If however Mira hair oil does not work for you return it as the company has a sixty day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose by trying Mira hair oil.

Is Mira a scam? Mira hair oil comers with a club membership. So is that a scam? The answer is no. Every direct mail / infomercial business these days always uses club subscription to help them turn a profit. These days it is hard to break even with straight purchases on the internet. In the case of Mira Hair oil you can get out of the club at will. How? There is a cancel subscription box in your pay pal payment receipt which allows you to cancel at will. This means you do not need to ask Mira herbals for a cancellation you can do it all by yourself. They use pay pal and pay pal does not allow you to charge anyone’s credit card. Pay Pal doesn’t even give the company the customer’s credit card details.

If you do not understand something or a product call or email the company and if they respond you know they are in business to make you happy. You can contact Mira herbals by email. Shipping can take 1 to 2 weeks in the US and 3-6 weeks elsewhere. Understand that customs these days are tougher and this can slow down your parcel from getting to you.

With regards to whether it works. Well this is a personal experience and account. You have to try it and see how it works before you can judge it. I can tell you that it worked for me and it did and still does wonders. I remember the first time I tried it I was blown away – I know for a fact that within three weeks I had put an inch on my once slow growing hair. I have been in the club for 2 years now. This means I pay every two months for the oil. Why am I writing this? Why? I write because there are people like you who need help with their hair and you must know the facts about this amazing Mira hair oil. For me I had thinning spots on my scalp and Mira hair oil got rid of it for me in a couple of weeks. It changed my hair and life for the better and I owe my happiness, healthy hair and self confidence to Mira hair oil.

I urge you to give it a try. If you try it and it does not work return it -as it has a 60 days money back guarantee so you can’t lose.

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