Top Summer Fashion Trends For Men In 2015}

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The summer is an amazing time of year, who doesnt love it? Great weather, longer days, the BBQs, the garden parties and everyone in a perpetually good mood! After a long and particularly dismal winter season, this coming summer is greatly anticipated and for us fashion conscious people in particular it presents a fantastic opportunity to finally start having some fun with our wardrobes.

Dont get me wrong, winter fashion is stylish and with big named mens designer labels offering a range of outerwear and knitwear to name but a few but there is something about summer fashion that is…well…a bit more fun! Perhaps its the fact that we no longer have to drown in layers, or that we can experiment a little more or perhaps it is just the general freedom of being able to wear loose, simple clothing that can keep us comfortable and cool on the hottest of days.

Whatever it is, summer fashion is a huge hit amongst many of us and even the fussiest of men are now embracing the latest summer styles and trends. Ok so you might not want to look like you belong on a runway but there are a few new trends and styles that will work well for any man, whatever your specific tastes.


As with every season, mens designer brands have released their latest collections and although there are many new trends to keep an eye on, there are a few that dominate the rest…

Nautical- The nautical look is always a big thing around summer time and this season wont be any different. Stripes in particular are going to be a favourite amongst many which will include everything from the blue and white striped jumpers and t-shirts to red and blue striped shorts and trousers. I love this particular trend as it can be easily pulled off by any man. If you like to remain subtle and classic than the traditional stripes are the best but if you prefer the bold styles than bring your stripes to different parts of your outfit; the options are endless and this summer, nautical stripes will be big.

Blazers- Whether to work, an evening dinner or a shopping trip with your special lady; a casual blazer is going to be a must this summer. Remember that every day, in particular here in the UK, wont be blazing hot so light outerwear will be required. Irish linen will be a popular material with skinny fits dominating the style choices; from navy to greys and light browns, therell be a blazer for all occasions and again, yet another item that any man can pull off.

Safari- Ok, so this one wont be to everyones taste but youll still see it a lot this summer; the safari jacket. Think Ben Stiller in Zoolander and youll get what I mean. Greens and darker shades will generally dominate but the traditional beige will no doubt also be a choice of many. Khaki is the main avenue that the safari jackets will take and designers have a range of jackets that can be worn over a casual outfit or when on the way home from work but I have to admit, this wont be an easy one to pull off.

Denim- Im not sure who we have to blame for this one but denim and lots off it, is set to be a big style trend for the summer season. Its been a popular choice of many designers for a number of years now but this is the season where a full denim coup will happen. From jackets to shirts to jeans; prepare to see a lot of Justin Timberlake circa 2001 doppelgangers walking around! Again, this one wont be everyones cup of tea.

Ready to give your wardrobe a revamp this summer? I personally cant wait as the new trends and styles are exciting to say the least. Whatever your style preferences, take it slowly and invest in one or two pieces instead of going all out (no Zoolander or Justin wannabes please!) and there is no reason why you cant look completely stylish and definitely not out of place.

About the Author: A Luke is the Internet Manager at leading designer menswear brand


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