Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Listening In With Cell Phone Bugs

By Shawn Davis

Phone bugs are among the most used spy gadgets. It only makes sense that the use of cell phone bugs is on the rise. Everyone has a cell phone, and they are relatively easy to access using listening devices. Some cell phone bugs are the cell phones themselves. There are a wide variety of bugs that look like cell phones but really act as covert listening devices. And there are even some that work, in varying degrees, like regular cell phones but double as listening devices. If you are looking for the ultimate in listening devices, cell phone bugs are the way to go.

Cell phone bugs include a wide variety of devices. There are cell phones scanners that look like walkie talkies and that allow you to scan cell phone conversations, pulling the signals out of the air. These can also be used in some cases to intercept cordless phone conversations. However, they are difficult to use in order to pinpoint a specific phone. You have to scan the airwaves and hope that you stumble upon the conversation you want to listen to.


Other cell phone bugs look just like regular cell phones. Some of them cannot actually be used, but act as disguises for spy bugs. You leave them in a room and then listen in to what is being said when you are not there. There are some of these phone bugs that have limited use, allowing for some functions but not all. Finally, there are very advanced bugs that allow you to listen in on both sides of the conversation without either party knowing, while performing all of the regular cell phone functions. Additionally, there are phones that you can remotely activate to let you listen in on what is going on around your target, even if the phone is not in use.

Finally, the government can listen in with cell phone bugs by performing a cell phone tap. This is similar to a landline tap in that the tap is made from the service provider. This, while not a technically a bug, can result in your conversations being listened to. You probably will not be able to recognize that you are being listened to when a cell phone tap is in effect, or even when most cell phone bugs are being employed against you.

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The Gps Devices You Can Count On

Submitted by: Dave Text

A GPS or Global Positioning System is used to determine the user’s current location, and the best route and directions for the destination. These positioning systems are now widely used in a variety of devices such as smart phones, automobile navigation systems, handheld devices, laptops and other such devices.

The working of this system is relatively simple to comprehend. In the working of a positioning system a GPS receiver calculates its position by measuring the distance between itself and three or more satellites. Since the signal travels at a known speed, measuring the time delay between transmission and reception of each GPS microwave signal gives the distance to each satellite, thus the calculations can be precise.

While doing this, the signals also carry information about the satellites’ location. Thus by determining the position of, and distance to, at least three satellites, the receiver can compute its position using trilateration. The GPS receivers usually do not have perfectly accurate clocks and therefore track one or more additional satellites to correct the receiver’s clock error. In such a way your location is taken out correctly and is displayed through the navigator.


In general, the receivers used in a typical positioning system are composed of an antenna, tuned to the frequencies transmitted by the satellites, receiver-processors, and a highly stable clock. Some of them also include a LCD display for providing location and speed information to the user.

The number of channels it can operate with and can monitor simultaneously describes the capacity of a reciver. Before a couple of years the numbers of channels in the receiver were limited to four or five, but has progressively increased over the years so that receivers typically have between twelve and twenty channels in the present scenario.

This system is now commonly used in a number of devices. One such use of the GPS system is in the recreational and sports activities. This allows the professionals, navigational and other important details using their device anywhere they could get the signals. That is why such devices are very popular among hikers, hunters, skiers, mountain bikers, and other such outdoor adventure buffs.

A GPS system is very essential in keeping the track of the location, and to find way to a specified destination, or know what direction and how fast you are traveling can utilize the benefits of the global positioning system or the GPS.

GPS is also widely used in the automobiles industry as well. There are some basic GPS applications that are used to provide emergency roadside assistance at the push of a button. It works by transmitting the current position of the user to a dispatch center.

Many systems that are more advanced and show your position on a navigation map are also available. These offer not one but man features apart from the navigational map; for instance, you can choose and select the best possible way to a desired location. You can even save your preferences in this type of advance systems.

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