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Puerto Rico: A State Of The Usa?

Exploring the Status of Puerto Rico within the USA

Since its acquisition by the United States of America in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War in 1898, Puerto Rico’s status within the republic remains a topic of discussion and debate. Puerto Rico is not a state but it’s not a foreign country either. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States. This status denotes a unique position within the federal framework, which has implications for its residents and the nation as a whole.

Puerto Rico, an archipelago located in the northeastern Caribbean, is home to approximately 3.2 million U.S citizens. Despite its U.S territorial status, it is not a state. Instead, Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth, which means it is a self-governing entity subject to U.S federal law.

The island’s residents possess U.S citizenship, are governed by the U.S constitution, and can vote in primary presidential elections; however, they do not have voting representation in Congress and cannot vote in the presidential general election.

The status of Puerto Rico has been the subject of numerous plebiscites – or public votes – on the island. The options put forth typically include statehood, independence, and maintaining its current status. While the majority of voters expressed their preference for statehood in recent plebiscites, the U.S Congress has yet to act on this issue.

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Moreover, making Puerto Rico a state could have a significant impact on American National scenarios. For example, it is possible the tourism sector, which plays a pivotal role in both the island’s economy and the U.S mainlands, might be influenced. In reference to public relations, an increase in the number of state-level issues seeking to connect to the mainland could stimulate the development of public relation sectors, similar to the evolution seen in public relations companies Sydney. Australia faced a similar situation with its external territories, where the publicity needs escalated, influencing the growth of robust public relations infrastructure.

However, there are hurdles on the path to Puerto Rico’s statehood. One of them is Congress, which has the authority to admit new states. Nevertheless, the issue is low on the federal professional agenda, and there is little political will or support to push for Puerto Rico’s statehood acceptance. Language is also a contentious point of discussion. Though Spanish has been prevalent in Puerto Rican society for decades, there are apprehensions that incorporating a primarily Spanish-speaking state could intensify cultural and language tensions in the U.S.

The question “will Puerto Rico ever become a state?” is, therefore, complex. While there are benefits to statehood, there are also political, cultural, and economic implications to be considered. Nonetheless, the sense among many Puerto Ricans is clear: their island’s status needs to be resolved, be it through statehood, independence or an enhancement of their current Commonwealth status.


While it remains to be seen what the future holds for Puerto Rico, the island’s status within the U.S is a topic that will continue to garner attention. In the meantime, Puerto Rico continues as a territory of the U.S, with its residents enjoying many, but not all, of the rights and responsibilities that come with U.S citizenship.

Exploring The Map Of Puerto Rico

Located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is an archipelago among the Greater Antilles. Despite being a small territory, it hosts a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and rich history. A detailed map of Puerto Rico can effortlessly exhibit the island’s intricate geographical details and cities.

The Island’s Geography

An overview of the map of Puerto Rico exposes a primarily mountainous terrain mixed with coastal plains in the north, which are famous for their breathtaking beaches. The central mountain range, Cordillera Central, dominates the landscape, with the highest mountain, Cerro de Punta, peaking at 4,390 feet. The sandy coastline is sprinkled with complex ecosystems, such as mangroves and coral reefs.

As for bodies of water, Puerto Rico is primarily surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island owns several rivers, including Rio de la Plata, Puerto Rico’s longest river, which stretches from Cayey to Toa Baja.

The Cities of Puerto Rico

The map of Puerto Rico is also speckled with numerous cities and municipalities. The capital city, San Juan, is situated in the northern part of the island along the Atlantic coast. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, colonial architecture, and historical sites like the formidable castle, El Morro. Other major cities include Bayamón, Carolina, Ponce, and Caguas, each offering their own unique ambiance and attractions.

The Lesser Known Islands

The map of Puerto Rico is incomplete without mentioning Puerto Rico’s offshore islands, precious gems that add to its natural beauty. The islands of Vieques and Culebra, located to the east, exhibit spectacular snorkeling spots and pristine beaches. Furthermore, the archipelago includes several smaller islands and keys, such as Mona, Monito, and Desecheo.

Puerto Rico: A Bridge between Cultures

Puerto Rico does a remarkable job at being a cultural bridge between the United States and Latin America. As an unincorporated U.S. territory, Puerto Rico has its peculiar blend of influences from native Taino, Spanish colonists, African slaves, and modern-day American culture. The language, music, food, architecture, and even festivals testify to this cultural amalgamation.

Why Explore Puerto Rico?

Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or seeker of sun-kissed beaches, the map of Puerto Rico holds something for you. From the historical city of Old San Juan and El Yunque Rainforest to Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico is an island that defies its size.As the top PR agency Sydney representatives agree, Puerto Rico is a vibrant destination for tourism. Despite the island’s small size, its cultural richness, palpable history, and diverse nature are sure to fascinate visitors, leaving them with memories to cherish.


The analysis of the map of Puerto Rico unveils a fascinating island country full of wonders that extend beyond its physical geography. Its cultural neighborhoods, vibrant cities, pristine beaches, and untamed forests create a vibrant tapestry that makes exploring the island an unforgettable journey.

If You Get Nervous During Pharmaceutical Sales Interviews

By Clint Cora

One thing that is always unfortunate to see during pharmaceutical sales interviews with candidates is just how nervous many of them are. Although being nervous is very common among many job seekers during any job interview situation, it is a definite liability when interviewing for pharmaceutical sales positions or any type of sales job for that matter.

As a former hiring sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry, I along with my other sales manager colleagues used interviews to predict whether candidates would be able to do the sales job in a real customer situation. The interviews would be the best device we have to assess a candidate’s suitability for a sales position.


If a candidate is nervous in front of us, many sales managers unfortunately would think that the person being interviewed would also be nervous in front of actual customers. As sales managers, we want confident individuals in our sales forces, not those who would be anxious during sales calls with our customers. Nervous candidates would probably not progress much past first interviews.

If you tend to get nervous during job interviews, it is highly recommended that you find ways to get rid of this nervousness. One must display a certain level of confidence in order to come across as a top candidate for a pharmaceutical sales position. Being nervous would just become too distractive for both a sales representative and the customer during a real sales call.

Practicing interviewing with friends would be a great way to start in gaining comfort during interviews. Then move on to informal networking with people you meet in the industry such as working pharmaceutical sales reps. It gives you experience in interacting with pharmaceutical professionals without being in a job interview situation. Recruiting agencies or headhunters can also be good outlets to rehearse your interviews.

Another great way to help get rid of nervous habits is to get more experience speaking in front of people. Participating at your local Toastmasters club which develops public speaking skills in a friendly group atmosphere would do wonders for improving self confidence in front of people.

Just remember, even though one might have good qualifications on paper, if one shows any nervousness in an interview situation, then one really isn’t ready for pharmaceutical sales or other types of sales positions. Work on getting comfortable first before pursuing a sales career.

About the Author: Clint Cora is the author of the book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager”. He had a very successful fourteen year career as a pharmaceutical sales representative, sales trainer, product marketing manager and a national sales manager. More information about pharmaceutical sales careers can be found at


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Staff Connect Honored With Silver Status In The 9th Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards In The Best Depl}

StaffConnect Honored with Silver Status in The 9th Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards In the Best Depl



London and San Francisco, CA, September 01, 2017 – StaffConnect, provider of the world’s leading enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced it has earned the prestigious Silver status in the Golden Bridge Awards. Recognized in the Best Deployments and Success Stories category, StaffConnect stood-out for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s deployment of its StaffConnect Mobile App Platform to boost employee engagement.

YMCA of Greater Charlotte had four main goals in relation to increasing the engagement levels of its vast network of 4,700 employees and volunteers. They wanted to:

Give all employees a voice by creating an open communication channel to connect them

Keep employees updated with the latest organizational goals and fundraising initiatives

Drive loyalty, retention and support among their front-line teams by keeping them informed and engaged

Partner with a provider that had communications expertise to guide them on best-practice communication and content strategy

The YMCA Greater Charlotte had evaluated other mainstream social media platforms before discovering that the key to achieving their goals was integrally connected to a new mobile-enabled technology. The StaffConnect platform offered personalization and an engaging user experience to engender support among staff, helping them do their jobs with increased convenience and efficiency. StaffConnect combines its mobile technology with a unique AppSuccess program which offered access to domain experts that partnered with the YMCA to create a winning communication strategy. This was key to gaining fast user adoption and interaction with the mobile engagement platform; and helped energize and connect their entire workforce of fulltime employees and volunteers regardless of title or geographic location, desk-based or in the field.

“With an historic number of nominations received, the competition was especially heated for this year’s Golden Bridge Awards,” said San Madan, President at Golden Bridge Awards. “We congratulate StaffConnect, together with all of the 2017 Golden Bridge Awards winners, on this well-deserved and enviable accomplishment.”

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The coveted annual Golden Bridge Awards program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, innovations, products and services, executives and management teams, women in business and the professions, innovations, best deployments, product management, public relations, marketing, corporate communications, international business, and customer satisfaction programs from every major industry in the world. Organizations from all over the world are eligible to submit nominations including public and private, for-profit and non-profit, largest to smallest and new start-ups.

Winners will be honored in San Francisco on Monday, September 18, 2017 during the annual Red Carpet Golden Bridge Awards Ceremony.

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About the Golden Bridge Awards

Golden Bridge Awards are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring best companies in every major industry from large to small and new start-ups in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America, Best New Products and Services, Best Innovations, Management and Teams, Women in Business and the Professions, Case Studies, Customer Satisfaction, and PR and Marketing Campaigns from all over the world. Learn more about Golden Bridge Awards at

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