International Tax Specialists

International Tax Specialists

Tax Services Help When Starting A Company

byAlma Abell

No matter where you are starting a business it is important to make sure that you have a full understanding of the financial options you have. This is true if you are setting up an online business or an actual brick and mortar store or office. Using tax services in Mesa even before you make your first sale can help you in preparing and planning for the future of your company.

Planning a start-up business as an entrepreneur can often be a time consuming and challenging task. This is especially true if you have never started your own business before and this is a first venue into this area. There are ways that you can protect yourself and limit your taxes while staying within all the regulations. It is just smart business practice and tax services in Mesa can help ensure that you are making the right choices.


Under the tax code there are various types of businesses that pay or do not pay specific types of taxes. Non-profits and charities are taxed differently than for profit businesses, and this is well worth considering based on the type of service you are providing. Consulting, in advance, with professionals offer tax services in Mesa will make sure that you are doing everything right with regards to choosing the right category or type of legal business status.

Understanding Business Taxes and Deductions

The top tax services in Mesa will also work with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop a comprehensive understanding of what is taxable income and what can be used as a deduction. This will assist the business owner in documenting and accurately reporting all income and deductions from the first day.

With accurate record keeping and a good understanding of the tax code as it applies to your specific type of business you can make better financial choices throughout the year. Your tax services in Mesa will work with you in strategic planning for your business to take full advantage of tax deductions and special programs and incentives that may be available to your business.

Getting the best possible information about your business and taxes doesn’t mean you have to become an accountant. You can work with top tax services in Mesa that will advise, consult and assist you in growing your business even before you make your first sale.

Center For International Legal Studies}

Submitted by: Nelli Tascheva

Ms. Nelli Tascheva of Tascheva&Partner is a Congress member of the Association of Fellows of the Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg. The Center examines issues confronting lawyers engaged in cross border matters.

It promotes information sharing among members of the international legal community and coordinates and supervises research projects and law publications and offers to its members a worlds legal and economic survey every year .

CILS encourages post-graduate and professional training programs; every year it conducts world-wide legal education conferences and academic seminars – in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

CILS is dedicated to promoting the education and career development of law students and experienced law practitioners, it furthers the international capacity of law firms, accountancy and business consultancies.

Tascheva and Partner is a leading multi-disciplinary law partnership and a tax consultancy practice providing expertise in all areas of civil and commercial law to a client base of leading domestic and international companies and private individuals. Additionally the firm offers dispute resolution services and, if required, litigation before the Bulgarian courts.

The firm was established in 1990 by attorneys Nelli Tascheva and Svetoslav Dimitrov to serve the needs of foreign and domestic investors and private individuals seeking an exceptionally high level of personal attention and client service.

In 2004, the firm created a specialized tax advice and accountancy department to compliment the firms core legal practice. Tascheva & Partner now offers a comprehensive service to its clients assisting on all legal and tax requirements as well as the economic and financial aspects of their business.

Tascheva & Partner has a strong team of attorneys and financial experts who work together to achieve the best possible legal and business solutions for clients. With in-depth knowledge, experience and innovative thinking, our attorneys, accountants and staff can tackle the most complex issues confronting a clients business or personal interests.

Nelli Tascheva is a Managing Partner of Tascheva & Partner. Her role is wide-ranging and in addition to her client work, she has particular responsibility for the partnerships reputation and values.

Nellis clients include national and international companies and both domestic and foreign government agencies and entities. With over 30 years legal experience as in-house legal counsel, arbitrator and attorney, Nelli is widely recognized as a valued and trusted advisor. Nelli has advised on an extensive range of transactions in various industries and business sectors, including real estate, large-scale greenfield investments, disposals and acquisitions of businesses and the establishment of joint-ventures. Nelli is member of a number of professional international and domestic organizations.

Expertise: Real Estate & Construction, General Corporate and M&A, Commercial Contracts, Foreign Investment, Environment, Privatisations, Tax, Customs, Employment & Social Security, Project Management, Arbitration, Banking & Finance

Experience: Admission as Insolvency Administrator(1996); Foundation of Law Partnership Tascheva & Partner (1990); Admission to the Sofia Bar Association and private practice (1986); Arbiter at the Ministry of Procurement (1985 1986); Chief Legal Advisor at Ministry of Transportation, Department “Capital Construction” (1978 1984).

Languages: German, English, Italian

About the Author: Nelli Tascheva is a Managing Partner of Tascheva and Partner (

). Her role is wide-ranging and in addition to her client work, she has particular responsibility for the partnership’s reputation and values. Nelli’s clients include national and international companies…


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