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It provides a large number of data types, interfaces and classes for development of Windows applications and services.

These libraries have been designed to replace older technologies, including the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Active Template Library (ALT) for Visual C++, the Component Object Model (COM) and the ActiveX model used by all languages, and also the Win32 API which is the core of Windows programming concepts.

While the ASP.NET Development Company India must obviously still use various technologies like the Win32 API and COM, it hides the complex details away from the programmer and can make developing applications for Windows a much easier task. In addition, since all ASP.NET Development Company India use the exact same set of classes, interfaces and data types, moving from one .NET language to another is much simpler.

Here is a brief explanation of the terms.


Classes are code that implements a set of features and can be used directly by the developer. In many cases a class is an implementation of one or more interfaces. Classes in the .NET Framework also support the use of inheritance, so one class can derive from another and add (or override) features from the base class.


A namespace is a collection of classes, enumerations and delegates under a single name. This provides organization to the entire framework and also allows the name name to be used again in different namespaces, without conflicts. The same concept is used in C++ namespaces, Java packages and XML namespaces. Generally, a ASP.NET Development Company India namespace is contained within a single Assembly (.DLL or .EXE).



An enumeration is a simple list of constant values with names assigned.

Generally it is easier for programmers to remember symbolic names than to remember a long list of number values.


A delegate is a special class used to implement callbacks into your source code. Basically, you are declaring that when some event occurs, you would like the .NET Framework to call a method in your application. The handle to the method will be stored in a delegate class, which can possible have several methods listed which can be called in sequence. Delegate classes can be used for traditional event notifications as well as callbacks.


An event is triggered whenever the .NET Framework has detected a change in status that you may be interested in. Events are similar to standard Windows messages


An assembly is made up of one or more compiled source code units that are grouped together into a single unit. Each assembly file also includes an assembly manifest, which is meta information that describes the assembly’s name, version and dependencies to other assemblies. Assemblies can have either a .DLL or .EXE extension. In general, a .DLL assembly provides classes and services that can be used by other assemblies, while .EXE assemblies are equivalent to an application and will make use of other assemblies.

The meta information is a large part of ability of the .NET Framework to avoid the symptom sometimes called DLL hell. The .NET Framework installs its assemblies under the Windows system folder. Applications are free to use assemblies from this global catalog, or to install assemblies in their own application folder. In that case, .NET will use the application provided assemblies instead of the system assemblies. This allows you to ship versions of assemblies that you know work with your application and avoid problems when users upgrade the system assemblies.

Major Namespaces in the .NET Framework


Contains classes that support compilation and code generation using the C# language.


Contains the Visual Basic .NET runtime. This runtime is used with the Visual Basic .NET language. This namespace also contains classes that support compilation and code generation using the Visual Basic .NET language.


Contains the JScript runtime and classes that support compilation and code generation using the JScript language.


Contains interfaces that allow you to integrate script for the ASP.NET Development Company India engines into applications, and to compile and execute code at run time.

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