Women’s Cosmetic Surgery: Designer Laser Vaginoplasty

By Lisa Ortega

For many women, the option to undergo cosmetic surgery is often encountered fairly early in life. With the many treatments available to women that face mental and emotional distress related to the appearance of their body’s it is no wonder that some treatments will rise in popularity and many become curious about the benefits and risks associated with them

Designer laser vaginoplasty is one cosmetic surgical procedure which is performed by a trained cosmetic or plastic surgeon. This treatment involves the re-shaping of the vaginal structure in various ways. This can be due to asymmetry, aesthetic reasons, or related to comfort and confidence. Whatever the reason, cosmetic surgeons are available to discuss your treatment options and the benefits and risks associated with the procedure.

Prior to any such medical procedure, especially one which is elective and cosmetic, it is important to understand the motive behind the decision to undergo such a treatment. Many cosmetic procedures are available and they are often not covered by major health insurance companies so the choice to undergo the procedure would entail covering the entire cost out of pocket usually. Some cosmetic surgery clinics can offer some sort of financing, but not always. So with this in mind, it is important to understand your motives and to be fully aware of the financial commitment involved. Likewise, there are risks and benefits that are inherent to all types of surgery, and when surgery is not necessary to save a life or to treat some sort of chronic pain, the risks may outweigh the benefits.

With designer laser vaginoplasty, a woman is given the opportunity to speak with a plastic surgeon about what she wants her body to look like, how she wants it shaped, and the surgeon can then use modern laser technology to re-shape the body. Designer laser vaginoplasty is often an option when a woman is interested in feeling more confident with her body. The mental and emotional distress that lack of comfort can cause may be worth any risks associated with cosmetic surgery. It is up to the individual to decide this matter. Yet it is crucial to be fully aware of the decision, understanding how the procedure works, healing time, and how the body will respond to the effects. Likewise, it is important to know how the mind will do so as well, since this sort of surgery can affect the emotional and mental areas of a woman’s life.

Cosmetic designer laser vaginoplasty is typically meant to alter the shape and look of the vaginal structures to make them more aesthetically pleasing, hence the word ‘designer’. There are other sorts of vaginal surgery which involve altering the structure of the lower pelvic region to help with incontinence. Likewise, other types of surgery can help to make a woman’s sex life more fulfilling by shrinking the diameters of the vagina which results in more friction during intercourse. This is an option after having children for some women. Every woman’s body is different and so the many cosmetic vaginal surgeries that are available should be understood and researched prior to making a decision.

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