Tired Of Cooking? A Guide To Bbq Restaurants, All You Can Eat Buffets, And More

Tired Of Cooking? A Guide To BBQ Restaurants, All You Can Eat Buffets, And More


Chris Harmen

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or for your entire family, there will always be nights when you’re just not up to it. In that case, you’re faced with a number of choices when it comes to ordering in or dining out, and the various taste preferences of your family. Having an easy reference guide to help remind you of your cuisine choices ahead of time will help you make all these decisions quickly before anyone gets too hungry.


Chinese Food Chinese food is one of the most classic take-out options for those who don’t want to cook. It’s typically fast to deliver, but makes a good sit-down option if you want a more formal restaurant experience. The downside is that depending on what you choose it can be unhealthy, cooked with a lot of sugar and heavy with MSG and other chemicals that could upset young stomachs. Overall, it’s a solid choice if you’re eating alone and want something fast without the hassle of cooking, but it is not the most kid-friendly option. BBQ Restaurants Most BBQ restaurants do not deliver, although there are some exceptions. Instead, they provide a family-friendly environment where you can enjoy BBQ ribs in a relaxed atmosphere without rushing to finish your food. The best BBQ restaurants offer all you can eat salad in addition to all you can eat BBQ ribs, chicken and lots of sides and fixings, making BBQ restaurants a very satisfying and filling option. They are also typically one of the healthiest options you can select, since there is such a variety and smoked meats are naturally low in fat. Some of them may deliver and almost all offer takeout; contact your local restaurant for more information. American All You Can Eat Family Buffets Although these are very economical, the food tends to be rather ordinary. They are typical American style, featuring basics like rice, French fries, hamburgers, and chicken. They may also have a salad bar. They are all you can eat and typically have a very economical cost per person, making them a great option for large families. They have the benefit of being very fast and there is generally something for every taste. Italian Restaurants & Pizza Typically very family friendly, these restaurants offer a selection of pizza and pasta dishes. The prices will be slightly higher than you’d expect from an all you can eat buffet. This is a good choice if you are expecting picky eaters, as pizza and pasta can generally be altered to fit any tastes. Keep in mind that Italian restaurants usually offer delivery, particularly if they specialize in pizza. Making Your Decision Once you’ve considered these main options, you’ll need to choose one. If you want to stay in, Chinese is probably your best bet. It’s fast delivery, and is usually filling. Pizza is another good delivery option; just remember to leave some time for it to arrive, and don’t get too hungry before calling for it. If you want to go out, think about whether you’d like a fast meal or a nice filling one that’s less rushed. If you’re in a hurry, American all you can eat is a good idea. If not, BBQ restaurants and Italian are both good options that boast family friendly atmospheres and many BBQ restaurants offer drive through so you can enjoy a great meal at home. Whatever you choose, enjoy your dinner!

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