Stationary Bike Workouts 4 Tips For Faster Progress

By Alan Bullington

Many kinds of exercise produce good results if you wish to lose fat and get in shape. If you just look at an exercise machine as a tool, then the bikes offer advantages. For one, a home machine sits right there ready to go at any time. That means there is no trip required to a gym or club before you see results. A bike at home lets you spend more time exercising and less time in travelling or other wastes of time and energy. A recumbent or a dual action exercise bike makes especially good sense as a home exercise machine. Read on to find out more.

Mix It Up Or Else

What stops many stationary bike programs. This is just a guess but likely a good one. It’s boredom, pure and simple. Nothing quite matches the boredom of pedaling a bike at a steady pace for long periods of time. That’s why you need help to break the boring monotony. Many bikes now do just that with quiet magnetic drives and powerful computers.

That produces simulated rides that feel much like a real road trip. By varying resistance automatically the best bikes ride like a real trip. That keeps the pedaling more interesting and less boring. That’s one way to keep you pedaling and that’s key to progress.


More Bike Time Means More Results

Interesting rides keeps you going but so does comfort. That’s why many exercise bike riders favor recumbent exercise bikes. The bikes that put you in a reclining position make back pain less common and also make it easier to get on and off the machine even if the rider is injured and in rehab. Whatever makes it more comfortable to ride as well as more convenient adds to more time in the saddle and faster fitness progress. That’s why the premium is on bike comfort. It’s not so much to avoid pain as it is to permit more and better workouts.

Cross Training From A Bike

Riding a stationary bike produces results partly because it works many muscles and particularly the larger muscles. That’s key to good progress both with losing weight and with getting more fit. But there’s more. Consider stepping off the bike at intervals and performing another exercise. For example, do weight training moves at intervals during a workout and make even faster progress. You can step off the bike and perform a lift and your heart will still remain at the fitness level even though you aren’t still pedaling.

By mixing up the exercise a bit you can fight boredom and progress faster as well.

Stationary bike workouts can produce fast results. To make the best progress, plan to spend more time on the bike. Choose a bike that’s fun to ride and not a pain and a boring trial. That means look for comfort and especially consider the seat design and construction. Also consider mixing in some other exercise to break up the pedaling and make fast gains even while you take pedaling breaks. Exercise bike workouts work perfectly as part of a circuit training routine for faster fitness and fat loss.

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