Spokane Vein Tips: Laser Treatment To Remove Spider Veins

Submitted by: Beth Munoz

If the removal of spider veins is your goal, then you are in luck. With modern medical technology using lasers as a means to solve a great many medical challenges, patients that have suffered from unsightly and potentially uncomfortable spider veins have found that lasers are a great treatment option.

Laser treatment to remove spider veins is largely becoming a popular treatment option which results in the disintegration of spider veins and thus their color, caused by trapped blood, disappears. Spider veins can occur in various places, and fortunately, laser treatments to remove spider vein can likewise be performed in various areas, including sensitive areas such as the face. This is a great advantage to those who have venous dysfunction that may be more advanced, such as can happen in the legs, since prior to lasers and other methods, surgery was the only option. This has led to a great many vein doctors choosing to offer laser treatments because surgery is often less effective in some ways and obviously more time consuming both during treatment and during healing. Patients will find that laser treatments have virtually no healing time necessary other than a bit of redness and swelling that can occur. Over greater areas, treatments can cause bruising as a side effect due to the release of trapped blood. This heals in time as well and is far easier to tolerate than healing from surgery.


Because spider veins usually occur as we age, and with weight gain, there are some that acquire them regardless of preventative measures. Many will also find that they are predisposed due to genetics. If family members have acquired them, chances are higher that you will as well. There are measures that can be taken however to prevent their occurrence or reoccurrence. One such measure is eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight level. This is a great way to minimize excess pressure placed on the veins of legs and other areas of the body. The heavier one is, the harder the entire vascular system must work to move blood throughout the body. Furthermore, exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet is key. By maintaining a healthy fitness routine, patients can strengthen their hearts and cardiovascular systems in general. Exercise is extremely important to maintain healthy veins and helps to keep the body strong.

There are other measures as well, aside from laser treatment to remove spider veins, that can help to prevent spider veins. Sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time is not recommended, and if this is necessary, get up every so often to stretch, walk around, and move the body s circulation around. This can help to support the health of the body in general also, by moving blood around that has been pooling in the legs. Anytime sitting or standing is required, it is always good to stretch and move. It is also best not the cross legs when sitting which can cause veins to have to pump extra hard to get blood moving and which can cause blood to pool. As far as spider veins appearing on the skin in the face or the upper extremities of the body, this is usually caused by sun damage that occurs over time. This is a part of life for most people since the face and upper body are generally more exposed to the aging elements. However, there are measures that can be taken, such as sunscreens, hats, clothing, and generally being sun smart and not attempting to hang out in the sun when it is at its most powerful (between 10 am and 4 am). A bit of sun is good for everybody, but excessive exposure is certainly damaging due to the sun s powerful rays.

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