Prom Dresses Choosing The Most Flattering Style For Your Figure

By Adriana J. Noton

When picking a dress, blouse or other item, the factors that are considered are its color, size, its design and perhaps whether or not it is in vogue. The neckline is hardly given any thought yet it can go a long way to ensuring that you are choosing the most flattering style for your body shape and also the shape of your face.

Square – This neck resembles the lower part of a square. It flatters large busts because the straight lines take away from the roundness of a heavy bust. This effect is achieved without showing too much. It is ideal for the majority of figures but is best avoided by those with jaws that are angled and heavy which gives a square face shape. It would emphasize the angular lines even more.

Halter top – For those with a trim upper half, this style will bring out their nicely shaped, trim shoulders. People who carry extra weight around their hips also carry off this style well because it keeps the eye up rather below. It does not look very on very slender people as they look bony.

Jewel – A jewel neckline is a gem for small women because it accentuates the bust. It line follows that of the neck. It is also called a T-shirt neckline because it does resemble a t-shirt. It is circular and it touches the bottom of the neck.


V-Neck – Those blessed with an hourglass figure can play it up with this neckline. Those who are not can create an illusion of it with it. It particularly benefits large busts because the lines that narrow downwards have the effect of creating a seemingly narrow or slender outline. If the V extends further down, it forms a plunging V-neck.

Scoop – The neckline is so called because it scoops down on the bodice in a U shape. It flatters those with a heavier lower bottom as it concentrates interest upwards on the trim, upper half. It does agree with the majority of figures.

Strapless – For those with toned arms and shoulders carry off this neckline perfectly. It does not flatter those who are very slim or very big. Very large busts can appear to sag and a small bust will be emphasized as being so.

Sweetheart – It derives its name from its shape which is akin to the upper half of a heart while the bottom forms a kind of square with gentle curves. It favors most figures as it accentuates cleavage.

Cowl – This neck has fabric hanging loose at the front. It is perhaps the best option for small busts because the fabric fills up the area. Large busts only look even bigger with such a neckline.

Keyhole – This is a cutout that may be tear or diamond shaped or circular. It can be at the back or front. It is a good way to take attention from a heavy lower half or a boyish figure that has no curves. Wearing an interesting necklace with a pendant that falls within the cutout makes it even more captivating.

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