High Limit Credit Cards With Bad Credit: Learn To Get Approved

By Lara Sawyer

Many people think credit cards with high credit limits can not be obtained if you have bad credit but that is not necessarily true. Though your credit score is an important variable when it comes to assessing your credit limits, there are other variables that are just as important or even more important. Thus, by correctly monitoring these variables and preparing yourself for the credit card application you can boost your chances of getting a higher credit limit.

Variables That Determine Your Credit Limit

When assessing your credit limit, the credit card company takes into account many different variables. And as explained in the introduction, though the credit score is an important factor it is not the only one or even the main one. Since credit limits are a matter of amounts, it is your income that will determine your credit limit at first. Also, your history with the credit card company will be an important factor too. Most commonly, you can get higher credit limits with a company that you already have an account with.


Other variables are external and though you can not control them, you can take advantage of them if you know how they work. For instance, knowing that the credit card market is highly competitive, you can benefit from that fact by contacting credit card companies and letting them know what kind of limit the other companies have offered you. I assure you that they will do an effort to improve all previous offers. Also, if you are willing to pay a higher interest rate, by searching for credit card offers on the internet you will find several promotions offering high credit limits in exchange for slightly higher interest rates.

Lines of Credit and Available Income

All lines of credit (and credit cards are lines of credit) base their limits on the applicant’s ability to repay their debt. Thus, the client’s income is an essential variable when it comes to determining the amount of money you can borrow on a credit card line of credit. So, if you want to obtain a high limit credit card whether you can show proof of a suitable income or not is essential. For those who are employed there is no much to do but those who are self-employed can make sure that their tax presentations show the true income they obtain in order to get a higher credit limit when applying for a credit card.

Also, there are credit cards, lines of credit and different loan products that allow you to apply with stated income. This means that they will take into consideration the amount of money that you declare on your application instead of requesting paycheck copies or tax presentations. This is particularly useful for those that cannot prove what their income is or for those that have a basic wage plus commissions that vary from one month to another.

This is the most important factor on credit card applications but if you really want to boost your chances of getting a higher credit limit on your new credit cards, you need to shop around and compare what the different financial companies have to offer. Request different quotes and compare the rates and the credit limits. We always suggest finding a balance. High interest rate cards offer higher credit limits but you should try to get a moderate rate with the highest credit limit possible.

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