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When you wish to show your love and seal it with an engagement ring then what could be more promising than Heart shaped diamond engagement rings. These rings make splendid option as it symbolizes heartily reunion, the romantic design and shape drives instant recognition and appreciation. Every engagement ring is meant to compliment the beholder however heart shaped ring mesmerizes everyone with its magnetism.

Heart shape engagement ring certainly draws lots of attention as sometimes it is believed to be rather cliche and Bold, however it is an emblem of love that s why couples around the world love to make it part of their new life. Heart shape diamonds have always been preferred choice for couples as two of most famous diamonds namely the Blue Heart and the Heart of Eternity are heart shaped. Inspired by these classic masterpieces the Heart shaped diamond engagement rings are available in enthralling red, blue and pure colorless beauty.

The saga of romantic heart shaped rings can be framed in most astonishing varieties:

Solitaries: nothing beats the appeal of heart shaped solitaire; make her wear your heat in her finger.


Accented Rings: heart shaped diamond rings also pair with other precious gemstones like emerald, ruby or other stones to give it more appealing look however avoid over do and try to keep the gemstone appearance subtle while let heart shaped diamond take the center stage.

Artistic Rings: These rings give bold impression and carry various tasteful designs. Couples who love to experiment and wish to have one of kind ring always appreciate these rings.

Three stone rings: the array of three diamonds symbolizes your commitment to hold the happiness of past, love of present and togetherness of future, Always.

Inset Rings: Heart shaped diamond engagement rings usually designed by keeping diamond insetting into clusters or encircling with smaller accents to give perfect shape and promises protection.

Cladding rings: this design is meant for those who like to symbolize their love and relationship; these rings are complimented with other precious gemstones.

Heart is a whimsical diamond shape including multiple cuts and plans to bring about characteristic points and pair of symmetrical lobs. Some times heart shape exhibits deep bow tie shadow effect this is because this cut has both convex and concave angles with elongated shape. One must give a thought to following points when selecting Heart shaped diamond engagement rings.

The Color: one must be careful with colors and always watch the corners of cut as poor quality colors always visible here.

Bow Tie shadow: watch out for visibility of Bow tie shadow of the diamond as its size is indicator of quality of cut.

The Point: The point should be sharp not rounded, as rounded point indicates poor cut quality.

Visibility of Lobs: for a good quality heart shape diamond, it is essential to have well defined lob and point; this accentuates the beauty of diamond. Equally essential is the symmetry of the lob as little variation may bring distortion.

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