Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Have Feelings For Me? 5 Signs}

Submitted by: Robbie T. James

Regardless of who was at fault, who initiated it and who hurt whom in the process, going through a breakup is hard no matter what. During this time of transition, it is nearly impossible to tease apart the complex set of feelings that one goes through. The feelings you go through can be a mixture of anger, sadness, love and longing. What a cocktail!

If you have gone through a breakup with someone you really cared about, you may be asking yourself, “Does my ex-girlfriend still have feelings for me?” Truth is, just the mere fact that you are asking that question means that there remain feelings of love and respect for her on your part. And, it is a real possibility that she is still harboring strong feelings for you.

Given the painful and tumultuous nature of breakups, it can be difficult to know for sure what the other person is really feeling. When things go badly during a breakup (and they usually do), pride and emotions are running so high that both people have trouble admitting to themselves or each other whether they still care for the other person. It’s hard to be honest about your feelings when you are feeling the anger, indignation, resentment and sadness that accompany breakups.

Here are 5 signs that your ex-girlfriend still may have feelings for you:

Sign #1: She occasionally texts, Facebook posts or Tweets about you or to you:


When we have feelings for someone, they are on our minds a lot. Even if only for sub-conscious reasons linked to her strong feelings for you, if your girlfriend is mentioning your name in Tweets and texts, it means you are on her mind. She likely still thinks and cares about you.

Sign #2: She calls you to see how you are doing:

Even if your ex has called you just a handful of times since your breakup, phone calls mean she is still thinking of you. A “bonus” sign that she still cares: when she calls you she asks if you have new girlfriend or are interested in anyone else.

Sign #3: When you see each other, she feels uncomfortable and nervous:

Have you bumped into your ex-girlfriend or maybe met her for a quick cup of coffee since your breakup? Think about how she acted. Was she fidgety and nervous? Did she avoid eye contact? These body language signs indicate that she still has lingering emotions for you.

Sign #4: She has not moved on with another guy:

Is your ex still single, or has she moved on with a new relationship? If it has been more than three months since your breakup and she is still flying solo or not at least dating casually, she may still have feelings for you.

Sign #5: You hear she still visits the same spots you used to visit as a couple:

Have you gotten word that your ex-girlfriend still visits those same places the two of you used to visit, such as a certain restaurant, bar, park, or store? She may be returning there to remind herself of the times you had together.

Given that you are still having feelings for your ex-girlfriend and suspect she may be the same way, your relationship was no doubt a very special one. If you believe your ex has shown one or more of these signs since your breakup, you owe it to both of you to find a way back into her arms again.

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