Colonia, Uruguay Real Estate Report

Colonia, Uruguay Real Estate Report


Taylor White

Colonia is one of Uruguay’s lesser-known cities for foreign real estate investors. However, if you’re looking for property in a smaller town in Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento is a great value for the money.

Colonia is one of Uruguay’s oldest towns. It is located right across the river from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with ferries running between the two cities several times a day. Colonia boasts beautiful old architecture and a quieter pace than Buenos Aires. It is situated right on the water, so the views from downtown are quite beautiful. The architecture in Colonia is reminiscent of that of old Lisbon, with noticeably Portuguese features.

In recent years, investment in real estate in Uruguay by foreigners has increased sharply. This is due to the incredible value that can be found in property here, particularly when compared to cities in the United States and Europe. Real estate in Colonia, Uruguay is more expensive than some other areas of Uruguay because of the large amount of tourist traffic here. You’ll pay more for investment real estate in Colonia, but, if you rent it out to vacationers, you’ll make a very good rental income, too.


Apartments in downtown Colonia are fairly simple to find, and can be purchased for a very good price. There are also homes available within the city limits. You can find apartments on the beach, too, but homes on the beach are hard to find because they so rarely come up for sale and because so many buyers want to purchase them.

Uruguay is a fairly easy country for foreigners to purchase real estate. Most people who own real estate in Uruguay do so in cash, so mortgage lending is not very popular. This makes for a very stable real estate market, but means that foreign investors who need a loan to purchase their property should take care of that loan in their home country. Banks in Uruguay have very conservative lending rules.

If you’re interested in making a foreign real estate investment in Latin America, Uruguay is a great choice. The government and economy in Uruguay has remained extremely stable, particularly when you compare it to countries like nearby Argentina. This means your investment is probably safer from market fluctuations.

A local agent can help you navigate through the process of buying real estate in Colombia, Uruguay. Though the process is fairly straightforward, having an agent working with you will allow you to have access to the best properties available and help you avoid any buying pitfalls. Now is a great time to buy Colonia, Uruguay real estate. The prices are good, but prices are rising steadily.

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