Can Hgh Supplements Make You Younger?

By Chris Chew

Medical science has discovered several reasons why people grow older and then die and two of the main reasons are:-

a) The oxidative breakdown at the cellular level, which damages your DNA.

b) The declining hormonal secretion as we age including our human growth hormone.

The good news is that the oxidative breakdown can be slowed down by consuming antioxidant supplements and foods like vitamin C and Vitamin E and from foods rich in them. A visit to your local drugstore or health supplement store will reveal many other anti-oxidative supplements which combat free radicals that makes you grow older.

Likewise, hormonal therapies, especially human growth hormone(Hgh) and testosterone replacement therapies offered by medical practitioners can also slow down the aging process and in certain cases even reverse the aging process.


The benefits of higher levels of the human growth hormones in your body include the control of high blood pressure, better immune system, greater energy for sports, sexual vitality, healthier cardio system, building more muscles, improving your memory, have smoother skin and thicker hair and many more beneficial health benefits. It is like as if you are much younger again.

The problem is that not everyone qualifies to be treated with artificial or synthetic growth hormone therapy and even if so, there are substantial side effects if treatments are not well controlled. That is why the law provides that all growth hormone therapies must be supervised by qualified doctors.

So the issue is now on how to raise your natural hgh production. One way to do this is to start a weight resistance exercise program. This is because when you work out with weights, growth hormones are needed to repair and grow your muscles and thus your body produces more of them. You can also throw in cardiovascular exercises into the mix because cardio workouts elevate your heart rate and this in turn also elevates your growth hormone level.

Having enough sleep is another way to raise your hgh production. When you sleep, your body is rejuvenating and repairing itself. Your physical body need an increased level of human growth hormone to do this effectively and thus produces more hgh when you snooze.

There are also non prescriptive supplements which are supposed to stimulate your body to produce more of its own natural growth hormones. They can be obtained from your regular drugstore, pharmacy or health supplements stores.

These supplements do not need prescriptions because they are not synthetic or artificial hormone replacement drugs, but are usually pills made from traditional herbs and natural ingredients which are safe to use.

The followings are just two of the many herbal and natural ingredients that are believed to boost our body’s hgh production.

Ginseng – Perhaps the most commonly used herb for overall health and vitality. Traditional herbalists and physicians use it to release human growth hormone to boost energy in older people.

Agnus Castus – Sometimes called Chaste Tree Berry is also used for growth hormone deficiency. It is now clinically proven that Agnus Castus improves the function of the pituitary gland which in turn improves growth hormone production.

So if you want to feel and grow younger, then isn’t it about time to start raising your natural human growth hormone level?

About the Author: Chris Chew is a sought after fitness consultant who counts models, actors and other celebrities as his clients. Read his free articles at Human growth hormone supplement and Testosterone increase libido now.


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