Breast Augmentation Its Not About Vanity}

Breast Augmentation Its Not about Vanity


Mark Larson

This year some 364,000 women will voluntarily lie on a Plastic Surgeons table in order to undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery. Their reasons for doing so may seem obvious, but in truth, there might well be 364,000 distinct arguments as to why theyve opted to have the Breast Augmentation procedure done. For one woman its because she has never been satisfied with the size of her breasts. For another, its because her clothes have never fit her well. For yet another, one breast is clearly larger than the other and she is self-conscious about them.

Whatever their motivation, Breast Augmentation surgery has become one of the fastest growing and most popular procedures in the world of Plastic Surgery.

It would be easy to dismiss Breast Augmentation Surgery as vanity. After all, in todays beauty-obsessed world, youth, perfection and Plastic Surgery seem to go hand-in-hand. Younger and younger women are opting to change their bodies through Plastic Surgery. But to blame vanity would be over-simplifying things. The vast majority of women who go in for Breast Augmentation Surgery are not going to be walking any red carpets. Most patients find their way to a Plastic Surgeons office after years of feeling unhappy about that their breasts. Many, if not most, feel incomplete about their looks, as though the reality of their shape does not match the inner them. When this kind of disconnect happens between our emotional selves and our physical selves, Breast Augmentation Surgery can be the bridge that ties the two halves of us together.

Breast issues are tied inherently to a womans sense of femininity. After all, a womans breasts are not mere decoration. They serve a purpose. They feed our babies, and are admittedly useful when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. When a woman feels lacking in breast size or shape, or she finds herself avoiding mirrors; she often feels a lack of confidence about her femininity. Deciding to undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery is an extremely personal decision. Any Plastic Surgeon worth his or her salt will warn patients about both unrealistic expectations and about doing Breast Augmentation for someone besides themselves. In the end, you are the one going through surgery. You are the one taking risks. It must be for you that you do it.


Lets assume youve decided that Breast Augmentation is for you. There are a few things you should consider:

First, do your homework. Who will your Plastic Surgeon be? An experienced, board certified Plastic Surgeon with plenty of Breast Augmentation operations under his belt and great recommendations is the first order of business. Breast Augmentation surgery is not the place to choose the cheapest deal in town. This is serious surgery with possible complications. You want only the best working on you.

Second, what type of Breast Augmentation implant do you want? There are several choices. Saline implants are less controversial than silicone implants, which have been long suspected (but never proved) to have connection to autoimmune disorders. But despite the risks, silicone implants which are safe and approved by the FDA, beat the saline ones as the choice for Breast Augmentation almost 9 to 1. This is mostly because silicone tends to feel more natural and doesnt make any sloshing sounds. There is also a new kind of implant being tested in Breast Augmentation surgery called a cohesive gel implant, or The Gummy Bear implant. This implant is made of silicone but a solid type that feels like a Gummy Bear and doesnt leak if punctured.

The size and shape of your Breast Augmentation implants will be decided after a thorough conversation with your Plastic Surgeon, and you are clear with him exactly what you want to look like afterward. There are 20 different sizes of implants available, so you will definitely find one that suits you.

Third, if your breasts are sagging and need a lift, a Breast Augmentation surgery will not fix that. That may be a separate surgery or can be included when the Plastic Surgeon inserts the implants. Women who have lost weight, or finished nursing a child and have found their breasts have lost the shape they used to have should discuss with their doctor what the best Breast Augmentation procedure would be for them.

You and your doctor can discuss the three choices you have on where to place the incision to insert the implant during your Breast Augmentation surgery. A periarealor incision is made at the edge of the nipple or areola and is, perhaps the most common type of incision with no visible scarring while clothed. Likewise, an inframammory incision just under the fold of the breast is common and will not show a scar while clothed. A transaxillary incision, through the armpit will leave an imperceptible scar under the arm and the site cannot be used for subsequent surgeries like the others can. There are risks and scarring associated with all of these incisions and its important that you understand that up front. Your doctor can help you decide which one is right for you.

Perfection is not the goal of Breast Augmentation surgery. For most women, it is about feeling better about themselves. Ask to look at before and after pictures in your Plastic surgeons office to prepare yourself for whats coming. While it is a Plastic Surgeons job is to make the scars as unnoticeable as possible, there will be scars. Be realistic about your expectations. Your doctor will do his best to make your breasts look great. It will be up to you to begin feeling great about yourself again.

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Breast Augmentation Its Not about Vanity}