A Guide To Cat Insurance

A Guide To Cat Insurance




Cat insurance

is one of those things that should be simple, but very often isn t. First time buyers go in naively; all they want is invest some money so that, if anything untoward happens to their beloved pet, there will always be funds available to pay for surgery, mediation and so on. What they expect is a few questions and a simple price, what they discover is a plethora of different situations, premiums and coverage plans that makes the whole thing seem like more hassle than it s worth.

Of course, nothing should be too much hassle to protect your cat from the many dangerous and health problems she is likely to encounter during her human-orientated life. For this reason, guides like this exist to give you some hints before you attempt, once again, to invest in


Cat insurance


When buying insurance, the premiums depend on lots of different factors, including what is covered by the insurance, what state of health your pet is in at the time and the maximum payout the company will provide. All of these have an impact and it s very much up to you to decide what you think is appropriate. However, a hidden factor that can nevertheless have a significant impact on your insurance premium is the age of your cat. What might be a very favourable deal for your four-year old cat might have you bleeding money by the time she reaches ten! Although it may seem like an added factor to consider at the time, it is well worth obtaining multiple quotes from the same company to discover how the premium will change over time. Of course, there will be other factors to bear in mind like inflation, but it s always wise to get a good idea of the long-term investments you are making.

Although it may be hard to believe when you seem some the price on the internet, not everything is covered by pet insurance. Hereditary and congenital conditions, for example, are not usually covered by policies, or are covered at a very low level. The same goes for medical procedures you, as the owner, have chosen to have your pet undergo, as well as diseases that could be prevented by simple inoculations. It is also worth bearing in mind that, unless it is the results of an accident, dental care is not normally covered by cat insurance policies.

By this point, you may be wondering about the value of cat insurance, if it doesn t cover such a range of problems. This is to miss the point however; cat insurance is there to protect your pet against unforeseen accidents and problems, which could otherwise be devastating. To this extent, minor injections and dental work are not covered because they are the kind of thing for which any responsible owner should be happy to pay, for the overall wellbeing of their pet. Major illnesses and health problems from which a cat is already suffering, on the other, will not be covered by insurance due to the very fact that insurance is there to protect against unforeseen circumstances, not predicated eventualities. If it is highly likely that your cat will require surgery to treat a condition she has had since birth, it isn t reasonable to expect an insurance company to pay for this surgery.

Insurance policies are there to cover you in case things take an unexpected turn for the worse. Given how frequently accidents occur, especially to independent and outdoor cats, cat insurance is a small price to pay to ensure your cat will be properly looked after should things go wrong.


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