7 Most Popular Pepper Spray Brands}

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The idea of using hot pepper to protect against one’s enemies has been around for centuries. Today, defensive sprays based on the chemicals in hot peppers are some of the most popular self defense products on the market. Pepper sprays incorporate oleoresin capsicum, the chemical that makes hot peppers so hot, and can incapacitate any assailant for fifteen minutes or more. Modern pepper sprays are used by security and military forces, law enforcement agencies, and private citizens all over the world. Here are the most popular pepper sprays for self defense use:

MACE is perhaps the most recognizable brand of pepper spray. Most MACE formulations contain about ten percent concentrations of OC, one of the highest levels commercially available. Since the 1980s, MACE has manufactured a wide selection of self defense sprays, including pepper spray canisters with UV dye to mark your attacker, in addition to pepper guns and pepper gels, advanced dispersion methods designed to make their pepper spray even more effective. MACE also produced bear and dog repellants formulated specifically to fight back against animal attacks.

Pepper Shot pepper sprays, also with a ten percent concentration of OC, comes in 1/2 ounce to two ounce containers, making it easy to carry pepper spray with you everywhere. Canister types include keychains, disguised pepper spray pens, and car visor clips, for the variety of applications in which you might find pepper spray handy. Whether in your car, at work, or walking around outside, you’ll be able to protect yourself with Pepper Shot spray.

ASP Defender Sprays are unique forms of pepper spray in low-profile canisters machined from high strength aerospace aluminum. These amazingly lightweight devices are surprisingly heavy-duty and effective. The replaceable aerosol inserts in these devices contain a 10 percent Oleoresin Capsicum solution. Test inserts allow you to test the device in a training environment so that you are fully prepared to use it if necessary.

Streetwise pepper sprays, most of which contain 17 percent concentrations of Oleoresin Capsicum, are among the hottest and most powerful pepper spray formulations currently on the market. In sizes ranging from 1/2 ounce to 1 and a half pounds, as well as pepper spray pens, Streetwise defense sprays can prepare you for anything that comes your way.

Wildfire pepper sprays come in an 18 percent concentration, the highest percentage of Oleoresin Capsicum currently available in self defense sprays. With a rating of 3 million Scoville Heat Units, Wildfire sprays are among the most powerful self defense sprays, quickly taking down any assailant. Wildfire pepper spray canisters come in five sizes, from a 1/2 ounce keychain to a one pound canister perfect for stopping home invasions.

Police Magnum pepper sprays contain UV identifying dye, allowing police to easily identify a suspect once sprayed by the pepper spray. Very effective against any attacker, these sprays are 100% made in the United States, and contain between 12 and 18 percent OC in canister sizes of 1/2 ounce to 1 pound. Magnum also makes pepper spray in keychain and pen forms, as well as fogger and foam pepper sprays to fight against multiple assailants or in windy outdoor conditions.

Defense Tech makes some of the most advanced pepper spray dispersal designs on the market today. Designed for specialized usage, including security or law enforcement use, Defense Tech sprays include stream, fog, and foam aerosol delivery systems. The pepper spray formulations used in Defense Tech sprays include OC as well as synthetic chemicals.

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